Belgian, Ethiopian Academic Institutes Initiate Cooperative Links

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 May 13/2022 /ENA/ The Ethiopian Diplomatic Strategic Centre and Egmont-Royal Institute for International Relations have Initiated cooperative links.

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Deputy Head of the Ethiopian Diplomatic Strategic Centre, Ambassador Shiferahw Shigute and Ambassador Hugues Chantry, head of the Egmont -Royal Institute for International Relations, have initiated the cooperative links through a webinar meeting held on Thursday.

This was possible through the initiative taken by the Ethiopian Embassy in Brussels to encourage links between strategic study centres of Ethiopia and Belgium, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The two sides assessed possibilities of creating professional links that could nurture the more than a century old diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and Belgium.

The cooperation between Belgian and Ethiopian academic institutes has proven to be exemplary for a successful partnership.

Ambassador Hirut Zemene has expressed readiness to further furnish favorable environment to strengthening the links between the two institutions.

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