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Beauty Secrets Hidden in Your Kitchen

Most people believe that looking good depends on the kind of makeup brands you choose. But this is certainly not the case. You can beautify your skin and make it healthy by sticking to natural options. Many of these natural beauty enhancers can be found in your own kitchen.

  • Avocado can nourish your skin because it has moisturizing properties with all the necessary nutrients. It helps in getting rid of dry skin and gently nourishes and moisturizes your face.
  • You can apply both the egg white as well as the yolk either separately or together with olive oil as a facial mask. It will make your skin firm and tight while leaving your skin revitalized as well as radiant.
  • To get rid of dark underarms, you can use a mix of turmeric powder and lemon juice and apply it on your underarms.
  • You can use natural oils like coconut or olive oil to remove make-up from your face. It treats your skin very gently and makes your skin look soft as well as supple.
  • If you want to make your nails grow faster and stay stronger, soak them in milk or lemon juice.
  • If you don’t want to use hair conditioners that may contain harmful chemicals, don’t worry. The solution to this too lies in your kitchen. Mash a ripe banana and one avocado and add a tablespoon of sunflower oil along with honey. Apply this mixture on moist hair to get amazing results.
  • If you have puffy eyes and dark circles, just place a slice of cucumber over each eye and lie down. Keep them for a few minutes and they will refresh the skin around your eyes. You can also use slices of potato in the same manner.
  • To get soft and beautiful skin, mix three tablespoons of white or brown sugar,three tablespoons of olive oil and any natural essence of your choice for the aroma. Rub this mixture on your body for a few minutes and wash off for clear, glowing skin.

– See more at: http://betterbythemin.com/beauty/beauty-secrets-hidden-your-kitchen#sthash.qUzpD6zs.dpuf

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