UAE Launches Fund to Renewable Energy Projects in Africa

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Addis Ababa January 21/2022/ENA/ The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) launched Etihad 7 program to fund renewable energy projects in Africa at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2022.

According to the Ministry, Etihad 7, a UAE-led innovation program, is dedicated to securing funding for renewable energy projects in Africa with a view to supply clean electricity to 100 million people by 2035.

The program will raise funds from the public and private sectors for clean energy investment with guidance and coordination from the UAE’s MoFAIC and Office of the Special Envoy for Climate Change.

The ambitious initiative builds on the UAE’s longstanding and deep ties with Africa and will be a focal point of the country’s efforts to contribute towards the global sustainability agenda over the next decade, the Ministry said.  

The Etihad 7 initiative will help African nations meet fast-growing energy needs without the corresponding surge in greenhouse gas emissions, it pointed out.  

Commenting on the initiative, Sheikh Shakhboot bin Nahyan Al Nahyan, State Minister of  Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said: “We will leverage our existing relationships in Sub-Saharan Africa, including diplomatic, humanitarian, and development cooperation, to share the UAE’s renewable energy expertise to advance economic and human development.”

Furthermore, he noted that the UAE already has a number of agreements in place with Sub-Saharan African partners under Etihad 7 to join them in pursuing their clean energy and economic aims.

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News: South Sudanese gunmen cross border, kill half a dozen people in Gambella region

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Abula Ubong, Gambella regional police commissioner

By Getahun Tsegaye @GetahunTsegay12

Addis Abeba, January 21/2022 – The Gambella region police commission stated that militiamen from neighboring South Sudan crossed borders and launched an attack on the region leaving eight people dead and five others injured. According to the police commission, the gunmen are from South Sudan’s Murle tribe. The onslaught took place in Bakankan Kebele located in Akobo woreda of the Nuer zone, the police said. 

The regional police commissioner Abula Ubong said that there’s a tendency for armed groups to go in and out of the region. He elaborated, “It is summer and the border is long and unguarded.” He recalled that the gunmen abducted two children, killed a member of the regional police, and stole 71 heads of cattle last week. 

The Commissioner added that the state is currently using its special forces and militias to maintain peace and security. He called on the local community to be vigilant and report the movement of the armed group to the security forces.

According to Abula, the armed group from the Murle tribe crossed borders and entered the Nuer and Anuwa zones and abducted dozens of children, killed more than 170 people, and took more than 2,000 cattle a couple of years ago. 

He further recalled that the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) was able to return more than 100 abducted children to their families by crossing over to South Sudan and raiding the area where the armed group resides. AS

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China, Russia Delay U.S. Bid to Sanction North Koreans at U.N. –

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“These launches demonstrate the regime’s determination to pursue weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs at all costs, including at the expense of its own people,” seven council members – the United States, Albania, Brazil, France, Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, Britain – and Japan said in a joint statement at the United Nations.

The test on Monday as North Korea’s fourth in 2022, with two previous launches involving “hypersonic missiles” capable of high speed and maneuvering after liftoff, and another test using a pair of short-range missiles fired from train cars.

The United States last week imposed unilateral sanctions over the missile launches. It blacklisted six North Koreans, one Russian and a Russian firm, accusing them of procuring goods for the programs from Russia and China.

It then proposed five of those individuals also be subjected to a U.N. travel ban and asset freeze. The request had to be agreed by consensus by the Security Council’s 15-member North Korea sanctions committee.

China and Russia, however, placed a “hold” on the U.S. proposal on Thursday, which puts it in limbo. China told council colleagues it needed more time to study the sanctions proposal, while Russia said more evidence was needed to back the U.S. request, diplomats said, according to Reuters.

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Japan Pledges Assistance Worth 14 mln. USD to Ethiopia –

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Addis Ababa, January 21, 2022 (Walta) – The Government of Japan has pledged to provide a humanitarian assistance package to conflict, COVID-19, and drought-affected areas of Ethiopia.

In its press release, the Embassy of Japan in Addis Ababa stated that the government of Japan assistance package is worth about 14 million USD (700 million Birr) through its partnerships with various international organizations.

As a follow-up to the commitments made at TICAD 7 in Yokohama in August 2018, and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the urgent humanitarian needs in Ethiopia, Japanese humanitarian assistance to Ethiopia, to be implemented in Japanese Fiscal Year (JFY) 2021/2022, is focused on four areas. According to the embassy, the relief areas are as follows;

First, Food Security and Nutrition: Japan will provide over 2 million USD to the WFP to prevent and treat acute malnutrition for over 29,800 children aged 6-59 months and pregnant and lactating women in Afar, Amhara, and Tigray states.

Second, Health and Wash: In order to meet acute needs, Japan will provide about 7 million USD to ICRC, UNICEF, and UNOPS. This assistance will be needed to enhance access to primary health care and improve water and sanitation services and facilities for IDPs and host communities in drought and conflict-affected seven states namely Afar, Amhara, Benishangul-Gumuz, Gambella, Oromia, Somali, and Tigray. It is estimated this assistance will benefit over 1 million people.

Third, Emergency Shelter, Non-Food Items (NFIs) and Protection: In order to improve access to the protection and lifesaving support incl. Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) (through the provision of Emergency Shelter, NFIs, and basic services) for about 0.3 million IDPs, returnees, and host communities in conflict and COVID-19 affected areas in all 10 states except Harari and Sidama, Japan will provide about 5 million USD to IOM, OCHA, UNFPA, and UNHCR.

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China Donates 2.2 Mln Doses COVID Vaccines to Ethiopia –

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Addis Ababa, January 21, 2022 (Walta) – Chinese Government has donated some 2.2 million Sino-pharm COVID-19 vaccines to Ethiopia.

Minister of Health, Dr. Lia Tadesse, and Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Zhao Zhiyuan signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a handover of 2.2 million doses of Sino-pharm COVID-19 vaccines to the People and Government of China have donated to Ethiopia.

Dr. Lia lauded the Government and People of China for the continuous support in the prevention effort of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ethiopia.

The current 2.2 million doses of Sino-pharm COVID-19 vaccines are the 5th round donation of Chinese government support extended to Ethiopia over the year last year, Dr. Lia said.

China has been supported a total of some 7.5 million doses of Sino-pharm COVID-19 vaccines to Ethiopia, she stated, noting that it has been greatly contributing to the access of COVID-19 vaccination to the community.

The support of China to Ethiopia in the effort to mitigate the pandemic has not been limited to the provision of COVID-19 vaccines rather China has also been supporting Ethiopia in prevention, treatment, detection, and testing, she stated. 

Besides the provision and donation of COVID-19 vaccines, China has been alongside Ethiopia in support of other sectors of the country, she pointed out.

Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Zhao Zhiyuan on his part said the arrival of 2.2 million vaccines to Ethiopia demonstrates that China is turning its commitments of friendship into visible and tangible outcomes.

The Ambassador stated “everyone knows China and Ethiopia are both brothers and sisters. We always support each other. We will continue to support Ethiopia in to fight against COVID-19. And, in 2022, we will make more vaccines to deliver here.”
(Source: ENA)

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UK Appreciates Government’s Efforts To Make Peace In Ethiopia –

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Addis Ababa, January 21, 2022 (Walta) – State Minister, Ambassador Redwan Hussien had a discussion yesterday at his office with Vicky Ford, UK’s Minister for Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean about current issues in Ethiopia and the relationship between the two countries.

During their discussion, Vicky Ford said, as a longtime friend of Ethiopia, the UK would like to work with the country on many issues, including investment which necessitates a peaceful environment to operate.

She appreciated the decision of the government of Ethiopia not to lead its military forces into the Tigray region as commitments of the Ethiopian government to have peace in Ethiopia.

She also appreciated the release of prisoners as a good sign from the Ethiopian government and ongoing efforts to have an all-inclusive dialogue for lasting peace in Ethiopia.

The Minister spoke on the need to hold people accountable for sexual violations in conflict areas and noted the commitment of the government to look into the matter starting from cooperation during the joint investigation of UN-EHRC.

The State Minister, on his part, reiterated the continuous efforts of the government to ensure the flow of humanitarian aid into the Tigray region.

He said the government is willing to allow daily U.N. humanitarian flights to Mekelle and extra cash for humanitarian operators in the region.

Ambassador Redwan said the terrorist group TPLF wasted multiple opportunities to make peace in Ethiopia.

He said the TPLF started the conflict without a sufficient cause and expanded it, mocking the Unilateral Humanitarian Ceasefire declared by the government.

Above all, he said the TPLF has continued to shell Abala city in the Afar region unprovoked, further obstructing the humanitarian supply to Tigray.

He also further stressed that the TPLF has continued obstructing humanitarian operations by misusing fuel reserves and discarding safety arrangements made for truck drivers.

Regarding the drone attacks in the region, he said that it would be unfair and a baseless complaint since the TPLF has continued training militants and attacking adjacent regional states.

Ambassador Redwan called on the international community to balance the attention it gives to the humanitarian concerns and human rights violations in the Tigray region with the wrongs of the TPLF.

He said the international community should squarely condemn the wrongdoings of the TPLF in the Amhara and Afar regions and take into account the humanitarian needs of affected people there.

According to the information obtained from MoFA, ambassador Redwan appreciated the U.K. for being interested in Ethiopia’s current situation and continuing as a reliable partner in development and democratization efforts.


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Trilateral Naval Drills Between China, Russia and Iran Start on Friday –

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Addis Ababa, January 20, 2022 (Walta) – China, Russia, and Iran will hold joint naval drills on Friday, a public relations official from Iran’s armed forces told a semi-official ISNA news agency on Thursday.

The “2022 Marine Security Belt” exercise will take place in the north of the Indian Ocean and is the third joint naval drill between the three countries, Mostafa Tajoldin added.

Since coming to office last June, Iran’s hardline President Ebrahim Raisi has pursued a “look east” policy to deepen ties with China and Russia. Tehran joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in September, a central Asian security body led by Beijing and Moscow.

Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian visited China last week and Iran’s president was meeting his Russian counterpart in Moscow on Thursday.

China, Russia, and Iran started joint naval drills in 2019, and will continue them in the future, Tajoldin said.

“The purpose of this drill is to strengthen security and its foundations in the region, and to expand multilateral cooperation between the three countries to jointly support world peace, maritime security and create a maritime community with a common future,” the Iranian official told ISNA.

Both navies from Iran’s armed forces and Revolutionary Guards will take part in the drills, which include various tactical exercises such as rescuing a burning vessel, releasing a hijacked vessel, and shooting at air targets at night, according to Reuters.

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Ethiopian Orthodox Christians Celebrate Epiphany Colorfully

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Addis Ababa January 19/2022/ENA/  Followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church across the nation have celebrated Ethiopian Epiphany (Timket) on Wednesday to commemorate the baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist in the River Jordan.

In the capital Addis Ababa, the celebration was held in a grand religious ceremony at Jan Meda in the presence of hundreds of thousands of  faithful including foreign tourists.

During the occasion, religious fathers conducted ritual ceremonies including the showering of blessed water on the faithful to commemorate the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist at River Jordan.  

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church General Manager His Grace Abune Yared, said at the celebration that Timket celebration is a symbol of unity, love and care.

Abune Yared, who is also an Archbishop of Arsi & East Gojjam called on the faithful to enhance their unity and love.  

Timket has been considered by the world as one of the distinctive and unique phenomena across the globe as it is celebrated colorfully in unison among the Ethiopians.     

Though Ethiopia had experienced natural and man made challenges over the past years including the war in the northern part of the country and COVID-19, the nation has now been able stand together to ensuring peace, development and harmony by surpassing the challenges, he added.

He further underscored that the undue pressures exerted against Ethiopia from various directions would not affect the unity and peace of the nation.

 “No matter how we have been through our togetherness as Ethiopian will not be cracked,” Abune Yared said.

He called upon all Ethiopians to contribute their share to preserve the traditions and practices of Timket, which is registered by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Ethiopian Epiphany has been inscribed in 2019 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

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Participants of Timket Celebration Urge all People to Help Destitute, Enhance Unity

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Addis Ababa January 19/2022/ENA/  Participants of Timket celebration in Addis Ababa called on all people to stand together and help the destitute during the festival of Timket as the celebration preaches love, unity and fraternity among human beings.

Timket, which is registered by the UNESCO as the world intangible cultural heritage, was colorfully celebrated  throughout Ethiopia today to commemorate the baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist in the River Jordan.

Speaking to ENALiqe Mezemran Tibebu Mengistu said Timket preaches humanity to the people of the world to live in peace and harmony.

It is a symbol of peace, unity and integrity as Jesus Christ preached peace and harmony among human beings, he added.

Moreover, the festival brings love and unity among Ethiopians since it is celebrated with reverence, lending a hand and helping one another, he pointed out.

“Epiphany cleans us from our sin. Besides to its spiritual value, Timket is a festival of unity and togetherness among human beings,” Liqe Mezemran Tibebu added.

Church choir, Solomon Teshome said the celebration promotes love, coexistence and tolerance among humans rather than animosity between people of the world.

“It is the festival of love and peace. We are celebrating Timket with reason that the baptism of Jesus teaches us humbleness and respect of one another,” Solomon said.

The other choir Seyum Derbie on his part reiterated that Timket festival helps to enhance unity and fraternity among Ethiopians.

“Respecting one another, tolerance, coexistence among others are values we could learn from the values of Timket, noting that division, racism and animosity are against the values of the festival,” he underscored.

Sharing and caring one another is another value of Timket festivity, he noted, followers need to celebrate the festival along with peoples who are in need of help or assistance.

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Ethiopian Epiphany Colorfully Celebrate in Amhara Region –

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Addis Ababa, January 20, 2022 (Walta) – The Ethiopian Epiphany has been colorfully celebrated in liberated areas of the Amhara region from terrorist TPLF including in the towns of Dessie, Woldia, Seqota, and Kemisie.

Ethiopian Epiphany was celebrated colorfully and peacefully across the Amhara region including the areas that were invaded by the terrorist group and now are liberated.

Residents of Dessie said that this year’s celebration of Timket is special since they are able to observe the festival in a special spirit after the horrific abuse committed by the terrorist  TPLF.

Speaking to ENA, Bililgn Eshetu stated that during terrorist TPLF’s invasion of Dessie town, the group not only robbed and destroyed properties but also inflicted heavy casualties on innocent civilians.

Even religious institutions had been looted and vandalized by the terrorist TPLF to achieve its aim of destabilizing Ethiopia, he added.

However, now the residents of the town are celebrating the festival today as the group had been dragged out of the region, he added.

“This year’s celebration of Epiphany in Dessie is unique as we are able to observe the day after the inhuman acts, suffering, and abuse committed by the invading terrorist TPLF forces on the residents,” Bililgn said.

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Dessie Diocese Manager, Sirak Melese, on his part said Timket is being celebrated with love and unity.

“Our Muslim brothers and sisters, in particular, are helping the Christians to clean areas for the celebration of the festival,” he added.

What Muslim brothers and sisters did during the festival has been amazing which demonstrates the strong culture and values ​​of the people, he pointed out.

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