Ethiopia, Pakistan Have Good Relations in Commercial, Trade Spheres, Says Pakistani Ambassador

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December 18/2021 (ENA) Ethiopia and Pakistan have good relations in commercial and trade domains and the ties would further expand with time, Pakistani Ambassador to Ethiopia said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ambassador Shazab Abbas said Pakistan has a longstanding relationship with Ethiopia in multifaceted areas.

“I believe that in the coming years the relationship between the two countries would further grow faster in various areas which will be reflective of very strong commitment towards Ethiopia,” he added.

Furthermore, the ambassador stated that Pakistan and Ethiopia have good relations in commercial and trade domains.

Currently, the trade volume between the two countries is around 55 million USD. Pakistan imports agricultural products, including kidney beans, spices and coffee, and Ethiopia imports steel products and agricultural products from Pakistan.  

Abbas is very confident that relations in the economic and trade domains would further expand with time.

At multilateral forums, the two countries have very firm commitment to support each other, especially at UN level, he pointed out.

In the past, Ethiopia supported the candidature of Pakistan for UNSC non-permanent membership and this time the Government of Pakistan expressed full support to your candidature for the post of UNIDO Director General, the ambassador stated.

He further said, “We support the Ethiopia government’s efforts to promote South-South Cooperation and G-77 levels cooperation at various forums being member of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). Therefore, Ethiopia and Pakistan are closely working at international fora.”

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed have met in the past at the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing.

And, the Pakistani PM also met with President Sahle-Work Zewde at UN General Assembly, where the two sides expressed firm commitment to strengthen the existing level of ties and expand people-to-people relation.

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Eritreans, other Foreigners Expressing Interest to be Part of ‘Coming Home Initiative’

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December 18/2021 (ENA) Eritreans and other foreigners living in various countries have been expressing interest to visit Ethiopia during the upcoming Ethiopian Christmas as part of the Prime Minister’s Coming Home Initiative, members of Ethiopian diaspora in the UK and United States said.

It is to be recalled that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has invited one million Ethiopians in the diaspora to come home and celebrate Ethiopian Christmas.

Speaking to ENA the Ethiopian Community members in the UK and US said they are working for the successful accomplishment of the Prime Minister’s call for a million diaspora to visit Ethiopia for Christmas.

As part of the initiative, they have been exerting efforts to encourage other foreigners to visit Ethiopia.

Abebe Tola, the renowned social media activist who is living in Manchester, UK  said  efforts are underway to encourage Ethiopians in the UK to bring foreign nationals home along with them for Christmas under the banner of ‘Back to the land of Origin.’

According to him, friends of Ethiopia are showing interest to visit Ethiopia during Christmas.  

Apart from a million comeback movement, the Ethiopian community is also diligently making endeavors to make the foreign community understand the reality about the current situation in Ethiopia.

The other Ethiopian diaspora, Desalegn Abera, from Washington, DC on his part, said Eritrean citizens, who are expressing their solidarity for Ethiopia across the globe, are also responding for the call made by the Prime Minister to visit Ethiopia.  

“we are strongly working to bring Africans and non-Africans are alike,” Desalegn said.

It is to be recalled that State Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Redwan Hussien called upon the Ethiopian diaspora to bring Africans and at least one non-African to visit Ethiopia for Christmas.

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Special Session Resolution Undermines Spirit of Cooperation between Ethiopia and UNHRC: GCS

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December 18/2021 (ENA)  The UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) special session on Ethiopia was an attempt to undermine the spirit of cooperation and trust between Ethiopia and the institution, according to Government Communication Service (GCS).

Briefing the media today, Government Communication Service State Minister Selamawit Kassa said the government has done a lot for the protection of human rights during the past three years.

The efforts to establish a strong and independent institution that fully ensures the rights of citizens has also been successful, she added.

The Government of Ethiopia recognizes that this special meeting was a political tool utilized to pressurize the country. The countries that voted for the resolution had, for example, never condemned the terrorist TPLF when it committed many crimes and atrocities.

The state minister described the decision passed by the United Nations Human Rights Council as unfortunate and the process as well the outcome unacceptable.

“The government recognizes that it is unfortunate that the meeting was held at a time when the TPLF terrorist group committed horrible atrocities in the Amhara and Afar regions,” she stressed.

According to her, the whole process of the session was an attempt to intervene in the internal affairs of Ethiopia and used to facilitate conditions for their own agenda.  

“I would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm that the outcome of yesterday’s special meeting and the process as a whole undermine the spirit of cooperation and trust between Ethiopia and the institution; and is unacceptable.”

However, what we saw yesterday clearly showed that there are friendly countries that stood by Ethiopia in the face of adversity while others wanted to attack her, Selamawit underscored.

The people and Government of Ethiopia would like to extend many thanks for those friendly countries  advocating Ethiopia’s sovereignty at every forum, she pointed out.

Asked about the recent detention of three journalists, the state minister responded that they were linked with terrorist organizations designated by the House of People’s Representative.

Selamawit said there are individuals and institutions that try to mislead and confuse the citizens by linking this issue to human rights abuses.

She underlined that no one is above the sovereignty of the country and it is unacceptable to try to destroy the country under the cover of professional protection in this very challenging time.

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UNHRC Resolution on Ethiopia denotes a Gross Miscarriage of Justice, Violation of the Sovereignty of the country

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By Staff Writer

On the 17th of December, 2021 Friday, the UN Human Rights Council held a special session sponsored by the EU on what it called “the grave human rights situation in Ethiopia”. The request for a session was reportedly supported by 17 nations including Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Fiji, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, the Marshall Islands, South Korea, Ukraine, and the UK. Moreover, 36 observer states, include Australia, Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the US.

 Responding to the reesolution passed by 24 supporters, 15 in opposition and 11 abstentions by  the Council member countries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia issued a Press Release which stated that:

“Ethiopia is extremely disappointed to have witnessed once again the use of the Human Rights Council by some to advance their politically motivated agenda. Regardless of repeated requests by the government of Ethiopia for the Council not to hold a special session but rather engage in a constructive manner and work in a collaborative spirit with the country concerned, some succeeded in achieving their objective through attaining majority votes in the Council.”

The release noted that the meeting was called “against the recommendations by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission which were submitted to the President of the Human Rights Council on 14 December 2021 and to all members of the Council requesting it to unequivocally support the implementation of the Joint Investigation Team’s recommendations, the work of the Inter-Ministerial Task Force and for the OHCHR and the EHRC to continue with further joint investigations.

The Statement further noted that this is an alternative way of meddling into the internal affairs of a sovereign state and severs no purpose except exacerbating the situation on the ground.

“Ethiopia categorically rejected the special session and its politically motivated outcome which undermines trust in the work of the Council, and most importantly, the territorial integrity, national sovereignty and political independence of Ethiopia, the release added. The statement also thanked all countries who voted against the resolution.

Earlier, in a letter addressed to the President of the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC), H.E. Madam Nazhat Khan, and to members of the HRC, as well as Ms Michelle Bachelet, High Commissioner, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said setting up a new body to investigate the entire period since 3 November 2021 is repetitive, counterproductive to ongoing implementation processes, and further delays redress for victims and survivors. Rather than repeating the same process, the letter said, the next step should have been rehabilitation, restitution, and compensation, as well as prosecution of the perpetrators. According to the letter, the proposal to set up a new investigative body would give parties to the conflict which have not yet acknowledged responsibility and taken steps to implement the JIT recommendations an option to reject the report in light of new investigations; and it may have the effect of undermining the work and voice of independent human rights institutions such as the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission. Speaking on the occasion the Permanent representative of Ethiopia in Geneva, Ambassador Zenebe Kebede rejected the Council proceedings as politically motivated interference, adding Ethiopia’s “unreserved commitment” to human rights.

The Friday’s special session – only the fifth this year at the Geneva-based body – had not condemned “the pillage, destruction of property, rape and sexual abuse, use of child soldiers by these rebel forces, the TPLF”, said Ambassador Zenebe Kebede.

He added that its fighters had commandeered “more than 1,000 trucks delivering humanitarian supplies to the people in Tigray region and used them for military purposes”.

The terrorist forces had also destroyed food warehouses, schools, health facilities and industrial parks, but “the initiators of this Special Session would not care less”, Ambassador Zenebe maintained.

It is easy to discern that the entire deliberations of the UNHRC is a totally biased and one sided attempt to not only discredit the attempts made by the JIT but is also part of the entire program of some western countries to let Ethiopia submit to their global and regional interest to fully ensure just their political and economic domination on the Horn of Africa and more particularly Ethiopia. Some western countries used a series of mechanisms to destroy the democratic political system in the country—i.e. an elected government and replace it by a puppet regime through  what they called “transitional government” through various means of pressures including diplomatic and economic sanctions.

They have also used a combination of false and fabricated propaganda continuously fed by the terrorist group and their commercial media outlets in their respective countries, openly allying with the terrorist group. They are determined to undermine this ancient nation, by meddling in the sovereign rights of the people of Ethiopia to elect their own government, posing clear and present danger on the unity of Ethiopia, just like what they did in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, and the likes. The US and other western countries provided logistics support to terrorist TPLF through their satellite networks and did not condemn the atrocities conducted by the terrorist which vandalized and destroyed schools, hospitals and public utility structures like power girds and telephone infrastructure. Among other things, the UNHRC deliberately kept silent when massive killings were conducted by terrorist TPLF across all the zones and districts in Amhara and Afar regions,  siding with the terrorist in the pretext of the suffering people in Tigrai, who are in fact under the yoke of this terrorist organization that will soon face its ends.

In amazing double standards, the UNHRC has discontinued its commitments in the JIT and has now come up with an investigation which is deliberately prepared to come into the service of western powers who are indirectly cooperating with terrorist TPLF’s age old desire to destroy Ethiopia and establish banana republics it could control. Will the terrorist TPLF survive to do so? Events and developments in the coming days and weeks will certainly bear the answer.

The resolution itself contradicts the major provisions of the Charter of the UN and related UN conventions and treaties on the sovergnnity and territorial integrity of a UN founding member which has rendered immense contributions to international peace and tranquility.

Remaining cognizant of the treacherous and neo-colonial machinations and ambitions of some western powers, friends of Ethiopia at this critical time did their best to change the course. This clearly indicates,  despite the conspiracies that are now hatched every other day,  Ethiopia’s commitment to regional and global diplomacy and international relations is expanding much further. The lofty goals of Pan Africanism and the global campaign against interference into the internal affairs of countries is gaining momentum while some of the western countries are losing ground in Africa. Ethiopia will not be intimidated by the multiple conspiracies of the west and its media conglomerates. In contrary to the predictions of doomsayers by disoriented western politicians and their media in Ethiopians are more than ever united to repeat a modern replica of the Battle of Adwa. And Ethiopia will emerge victorious!!!

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Germany Announces 80.6 Mil Euros Grant to Ethiopia

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December 18/2021 (ENA)  The government of Germany has announced a grant of 80.6 million euros to Ethiopia for the execution of food security and other development programs, Ministry of Finance said.

Minister of Finance, Ahmed Shide conferred with the Ambassador of Germany to Ethiopia, Stephan Auera on Friday on the existing bilateral economic development cooperation between the two countries.  

During the occasion, Ambassador Auera announced that Germany will provide 80.6 million Euros to support Ethiopia.

The fund will be used for the execution of development programs and projects designed on food security, good governance, land use, agricultural mechanization and drought mitigation efforts, Ministry of Finance said.    

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North Wollo Zone of Amhara Region Fully Liberated from Terrorist TPLF

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December 18/2021 (ENA) The Ethiopian Coalition Forces have fully liberated several towns in North Wollo Zone of Amhara Region, including the zone capital Woldiya, from the terrorist TPLF, the Government Communication Service disclosed.

The ability and psychology of the terrorist TPLF group have been devastated following the launching of the Operation for National Unity in Diversity led by the prime minister in an organized and integrated manner, the statement noted.

The statement recalled the statement it gave yesterday night about the victory of the coalition forces that had taken control of areas around the high mountains of Zobel at Qobo front and extended their control over higher locations across the northern Raya direction, closing on Woldiya town. The forces that had liberated areas around Gura Worke also controlled fully higher positions of Gura Worke.  

In an offensive attack carried out during the night and this morning, the National Defense Force, the Amhara and Afar security, in collaboration with the Ethiopian Air force, have taken full control of Sanqa, Sirinqa, Woldiya, Haran, Gobiye, Robit and Qobo towns. The coalition forces have fully destroyed enemy forces that resorted  to the last attempt.  

According to the statement, the  coalition forces are now chasing the enemy that has been fleeing to Chercher and Alamata.

The local communities, especially the youth, joined the coalition forces in capturing the enemy that attempted to escape taking weapons and properties they looted with them.  

Meanwhile, the enemy forces which tried to sneak through Lalibela and Muja to cut off  Gashena were encircled and crushed. As a result, the coalition forces have fully liberated Hamusit, Estayesh, Ahun Tegegn, Dilb, Kul Mesk towns and environs.

At present, the heroic army is clearing the Lalibela area from the enemy and destroying the enemy stronghold in Seqota town and surroundings. The victorious army is chasing the enemy fleeing toward Korem.

Following the amazing offensive campaign underway North Wollo Zone of the Amhara State has been fully liberated from the terrorist TPLF.

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PM Abiy Participating 3rd Turkey-Africa Partnership Summit in Istanbul

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December 18/2021 (ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been participating at the third Turkey-Africa Partnership Summit in Istanbul, Turkey.

The premier arrived in Istanbul on Friday with his delegation to partake in the summit organized under the theme: “Enhanced Partnership for Common Development and Prosperity.”

The main themes of the two – day summit is peace, security and justice; Human-focused development; and Strong and sustainable growth.

Prime Minister Abiy on Friday had conferred with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the sidelines of the Summit.

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Disinformation, Vilification of Gov’t Part of Psychological Warfare Against Ethiopia: Prof. Bahiru Zewde

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December 18/2021 (ENA) The amount of disinformation in the mainstream media, the glorification of rebels, and the vilification of the government are part of the psychological warfare launched against Ethiopia, the renowned Ethiopian Historian, Professor Bahiru Zewde said.

The professor made the remark at a Webinar conference organized by the Ethiopian Embassy in South Africa, in collaboration with the Association of Ethiopian Professionals in South Africa under the theme, “The Conflict in Ethiopia: Diplomacy, Misinformation/ Disinformation, and Reconstruction.”

Ethiopian Historian, Professor Bahru Zewde, Professor Ann Fitz Gerald, Ambassador Iqbal Jazbay, and Director of Foreign Media Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Mesfin Demessie, have presented papers on various topics at the conference, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Professor Bahru deliberated on the unresolved question of identity in Ethiopia and how ethnic and national identities have been accommodated throughout Ethiopian history.

The amount of disinformation in the mainstream media, the glorification of rebels, and the vilification of the government are part of the psychological warfare launched against Ethiopia, he said.

He also spoke on the litany of Foreign Policy disasters of the U.S. in different countries that should not be repeated in the Ethiopian case, whatever interests that the U.S. may need to advance in Ethiopia.

Professor Ann Fitz Gerald, on her part said those who report on Ethiopia demonstrated a lack of knowledge and context regarding the country.

This, in turn, resulted in influencing policies to be formulated on a flawed basis, she said.

We need to take control of the information we consume, she said, adding that research in the area of social media propagation, stance detection, and analysis in terms of the conflict in Ethiopia is imperative.

She said the development of African-based media organizations should be supported and professionalized to the highest level to take back the continent’s narrative.

People should expose and oppose agents of intimidation who are against the expression of diverse voices, she added.

Professor Iqbal Jhazbhay from the University of South Africa appreciated the historic rapprochement between Ethiopia and Eritrea as a seminal home-grown agreement that showed the power of indigenous solutions to challenges.

He said Ethiopia’s and Eritrea’s recent history needs further reflection and a reconstruction plan shall be charted out based on that reflection and with lessons that may be drawn from experiences of South Africa.

Director of Foreign Media Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Mesfin Demessie, on his part, spoke on how disinformation campaigns and underrepresentation of positive stories about Ethiopia have remained the modus operandi of the mainstream media, since the eruption of the conflict.

As part of meeting the challenges of the conflict, he urged the international community to visit the Amhara and Afar regions and witness the level of atrocities and destroyed infrastructures and support the proposed national dialogue in the country.  

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Man. United Sacks Ole Gunnar Solskjaer –

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Addis Ababa, November 21, 2021 (Walta) – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been sacked as Manchester United manager after an “embarrassing” 4-1 defeat at Watford.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer leaves Manchester United after failing to win a trophy in nearly three years as manager; Michael Carrick placed in temporary charge as United seek to make an interim appointment until the end of the season.

United have confirmed Solskjaer’s assistant Michael Carrick will be placed in temporary charge, with the club looking to appoint an interim manager until the end of the season.

Solskjaer signed a new three-year deal in July but leaves after overseeing five defeats in their last seven Premier League matches – a run which sees them 12 points behind leaders Chelsea.

The Old Trafford hierarchy had ignored increasingly vociferous calls to relieve Solskjaer of his duties in the wake of a humiliating 5-0 loss to rivals Liverpool and a 2-0 derby defeat to Manchester City in early November.

But his position was discussed by United officials on Saturday evening following the crushing defeat at Vicarage Road, before the announcement of his dismissal followed on Sunday morning.

A club statement said: “Manchester United announces that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has left his role as manager.

“Ole will always be a legend at Manchester United and it is with regret that we have reached this difficult decision. While the past few weeks have been disappointing, they should not obscure all the work he has done over the past three years to rebuild the foundations for long-term success.

“Ole leaves with our sincerest thanks for his tireless efforts as manager and our very best wishes for the future. His place in the club’s history will always be secure, not just for his story as a player, but as a great man and a manager who gave us many great moments. He will forever be welcome back at Old Trafford as part of the Manchester United family.”

Solskjaer was booed by a number of the United fans in the away end at full time at Watford, although midfielder Bruno Fernandes appeared to try to redirect their frustration towards the players.

According to skysports, Goalkeeper David de Gea labelled the defeat “embarrassing” and “unacceptable”.

After the game, Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher described Solskjaer’s position as “untenable” but described the performance of the club’s players as “scandalous”.



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Manchester United Appoint Rangnick as Interim Manager –

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Ralf Rangnick

Addis Ababa, November 29, 2021 (Walta) – Manchester United have appointed Ralf Rangnick as their interim manager.

As first revealed by The Athletic on Thursday, Rangnick has agreed a six-month deal until the end of May, subject to work visa requirements. He will then spend a further two years at the Premier League club in a consultancy role.

Rangnick, 63, said in a statement: “I am excited to be joining Manchester United and focused on making this a successful season for the club.

“The squad is full of talent and has a great balance of youth and experience. All my efforts for the next six months will be on helping these players fulfil their potential, both individually and, most importantly, as a team.

“Beyond that, I look forward to supporting the club’s longer-term goals on a consultancy basis.”

John Murtough, the club’s football director, added: “Ralf is one of the most respected coaches and innovators in European football. He was our number one candidate for interim manager, reflecting the invaluable leadership and technical skills he will bring from almost four decades of experience in management and coaching.

“Everyone at the club is looking forward to working with him during the season ahead, and then for a further two years in his advisory role.”

Rangnick, who is seen as the ‘godfather’ of modern coaching in Germany, left his job as head of sports and development at Lokomotiv Moscow to take up the position.

“The club wishes to place on record its thanks to Lokomotiv Moscow for their co-operation in the process of bringing Ralf to Manchester United,” the Premier League club added.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was dismissed as United manager after a 4-1 defeat to Watford on November 20.

Michael Carrick has overseen United’s two games since Solskjaer’s dismissal. As the caretaker manager, Carrick remains unbeaten with a 2-0 win over Villarreal in the Champions League before a 1-1 draw at Chelsea on Sunday evening.

United made it clear that they would look to hire an interim manager until the end of the season and they moved quickly to secure Rangnick, who has previously managed Hannover, Schalke, Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig.

He also took little-known German side Ulm to the Bundesliga for the first time in their history at the start of this century.

Rangnick has also had significant success as a director of football. He held that role for both Red Bull Salzburg and RB Leipzig from 2012 onwards, while having brief stints as manager at Leipzig.

After Rangnick took that role, Leipzig rose from the regional league — the fourth tier — to the Bundesliga.

(Source: The Athletic)


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