Amb. Redwan Confers with Members of Ethiopian Public Diplomacy Institute –

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Addis Ababa, January 21, 2021 (Walta) – State Minister, Ambassador Redwan Hussien discussed with members of the Ethiopian Public Diplomacy Institute who came to Ethiopia responding to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Great Homecoming Challenge.

The Ethiopian Public Diplomacy Institute is registered in Sweden by Ethiopians who are actively safeguarding the interests of Ethiopia by targeting the Arabic audience.

They, in particular, are active in informing the Arabic language audience through renowned media outlets on issues related to the construction and filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Ambassador Redwan lauded the institute’s efforts in promoting Ethiopia’s interests, especially making the Arabic audience understand Ethiopia’s right to equitably utilize the Nile water resources without causing significant harm to downstream states.

He further called on them to make their media activities more fruitful by promoting initiatives that promote and strengthen people-to-people engagements that would augment the public diplomacy activities of the government.

Appreciating the members of the institute for their derive to institutionalize their efforts and further seek registration in Ethiopia, the Ambassador pledged to extend support to their needs for information through creating linkages with relevant public offices.

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Report Reveals TPLF Troops Raped 217 Girls, Women In South Wollo –

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Addis Ababa, January 21, 2022 (Walta) – Preliminary survey report has revealed that soldiers of the terrorist TPLF Group raped 217 girls and women in South Wollo, Amhara Region when they invaded the area.

Victims of the rape committed by the terrorist TPLF forces rage from an 8 years old little girl to elderly women, the report indicates.

Chief Administrator of South Wollo Zone, Abdi Hussien said that the survey report also indicates that the terrorist group massacred 548 innocent civilians in the zone. He added that various mass graves have been uncovered after the area was liberated from the aggression of the terrorist group.

The Chief Administrator further underscored that number of victims of the rape committed by the terrorist group may increase when the survey is concluded, according to FBC.

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Turkish Investors to Widely Partake In Mineral Resources In Ethiopia –

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Addis Ababa, January 21, 2022 (Walta) – The Minister of Mines, Takele Uma discussed with the Ambassador of Turkey to Ethiopia, Yaprak Alp ways to implement agreements signed between the two countries to enhance strategic partnership during the visit of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to Turkey.

The two have explored ways to involve more Turkish investors in the mining industry of Ethiopia.

During their discussion Minister Takele expressed that an agreement has been achieved with a view to promoting Turkish investors to widely partake in a large-scale exploration of selected mineral resources in Ethiopia.

In August, Ethiopia and Turkey have signed Military, water, and financial agreements in the presence of leaders of the two countries, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which strengthened the ties between the two countries.

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Diaspora Brought About Concrete Change through NoMore Movement, Digital Diplomacy: MoFA

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Addis Ababa, January 21/2022/ENA/  The efforts exerted by the Ethiopian Diaspora to protect the rights and interests of the country through the #NoMore movement and digital diplomacy have brought about concrete change, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).

A national conference that discusses the contribution of the diaspora to diplomacy is underway in Gondar.

Speaking at the opening of the forum, Foreign Affairs State Minister Birtukan Ayano said one of the reasons for the decision to hold the African Union Summit in Ethiopia was the large influx of diaspora to the country.

The state minister recalled that the diaspora residing in the different continents have made a big difference by denouncing negative views and reports on Ethiopia through the NoMore movement and digital diplomacy.

She further noted that the diaspora community has also contributed its share to alleviating the shortage of foreign exchange in the country by sending over 9 billion USD remittance during  the past three years.

Birtukan finally thanked the diaspora for the commitment they have shown to help the country overcome its difficulties by accepting the homecoming call.

Ministry Spokesperson Dina Mufti said on his part that countries like India have worked in collaboration with the diaspora to bring about development.

Even if Ethiopia is also a country with a large number of diaspora, it has not been able to use them properly due to various reasons, he added.

Following the reform, however, the effort to involve the diaspora in all national affairs is bringing about some change that will be further intensified.

Gondar University President, Asrat Atsedewein said the various supports given to the university in technology transfer, creativity and other spheres by the diaspora is encouraging.

He also cited the contribution of diaspora scholars in teaching, raising funds for research, and providing teaching materials.

According to the president, the university is ready to identify investment alternatives and provide  consulting services to the diaspora.

Members of the diaspora and federal, regional, zonal and city administrations officials are taking part in the conference organized by Gondar University and the city administration.

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French Ambassador to Ethiopia Visits Infrastructure Damaged by Terrorist TPLF, Pledges Assistance

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January 21/2022/ENA/  French Ambassador to Ethiopia, Rémi Maréchaux has visited Wollo University and Dessie General Specialized Hospital that were damaged by the terrorist TPLF group.

During the visit, Wollo University President and Dessie Hospital Manager explained about the damages incurred to the delegation led by Ambassador Maréchaux.

Wollo University President, Mengesha Beyene said the TPLF group looted properties of the university and destroyed what it could not take.

The looting and damage was so rampant that it is not in a position to start operation any time soon, he added.

According to the president, the ambassador has pledged to support the rehabilitation of the university during their discussion.

He has also promised to enhance technology use and exchange of experiences by creating network with counterpart universities.  

Even if the organized terrorist TPLF group inflicted heavy damages on the laboratory facility, ICT infrastructure and dormitories as well as dinning and teaching and learning buildings, the president revealed that the university will resume classes in March 2022 the latest.

Wollo University had more than 26,000 students before the invasion, it was learned.

Mengesha further noted that the visit made by the French delegation will help expose the lies of the foreign media.

Dessie General Specialized Hospital Manager, Dr. Haimanot Ayele said on his part that the hospital used to serve inhabitants of East Amhara Zone, Afar region and part of Tigray regional state.

However, the hospital was totally looted and destroyed by the terrorist group that harbors deep resentment  towards the people, the manager added.

According to him, the hospital has started serving the public following the integrated effort to  restore it.

Dr. Haimanot also said the ambassador has promised to extend assistance to the hospital.

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Ethiopia Urges International Community to hold TPLF Accountable for Obstructing Humanitarian Aid –

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Addis Ababa, January 21, 2021 (Walta) – State Minister, Ambassador Redwan Hussein had a discussion on humanitarian support in Ethiopia with the Regional Director of the World Food Program, Michael John Denford.

During their discussions, Ambassador Redwan reiterated the federal government’s commitment to peace in Ethiopia through its decisions to withhold the advance of its troops into the Tigray region.

Despite this, the State Minister said the terrorist group TPLF continued its aggression against adjacent regions, particularly Aba’ala, in the Afar region, demonstrating its intransigence to escalate the conflict.

Ambassador Redwan also remarked the government has reaffirmed its commitment to the aid flow into the Tigray region by reducing the number of checkpoints, increasing the amount of cash that humanitarian agencies bring to the region, and allowing daily humanitarian flights to Tigray.

He said the government initiatives for peace and commitment to unobstructed flow of humanitarian aid into the Tigray region have failed to be reciprocated by the TPLF and recognized by the International community.

The TPLF’s unceasing harassments of neighboring regions under unwarranted reasons and the pretexts of the shortage of fuel and insecurity to truck drivers coupled with the hijacked humanitarian trucks have continued to hamper the humanitarian operation in the region, he said.

In this regard, as long as the harassment of the Amhara and Afar regions by the TPLF continues, the government of Ethiopia will take measures deemed necessary to protect the wellbeing of innocent lives.

Mr. John Denford, on his part, praised the government’s approach to peace, noting that the TPLF’s attacks on adjacent regions, particularly in Abala were challenging the humanitarian operation.

According to the information obtained from the Ministry of foreign affairs Ethiopia, he said the WFP has plans to provide 700 tons of food aid in Ethiopia, including affected people in the Amhara and Afar regions.

The Regional Director also revealed the organization’s plan to support people affected by the current drought in East Africa, including Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia.

Upon halting the meeting, Ambassador Redwan underlined that the international community should hold the TPLF accountable for obstructing aid into the Tigray region, disregarding peace efforts, and harassing people in adjacent areas.

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It Is ‘Obvious’ Africa Deserves Permanent Seat at UN

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Addis Ababa, January 21, 2022 (Walta) – Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on Thursday asked African countries not to accept anything less at the UN Security Council reforms until the continent is granted at least two permanent seats.

Speaking to a group of Foreign ministers from across the continent, the Ugandan leader said Africa, like the rest of other developing regions of the world, is not asking for favours when they demand adequate representation. He said it was “obvious” that reforms will make the global body inclusive.

He spoke as the ministers from ten African countries charged with pushing for Africa’s demands for reforms concluded a meeting in Kampala on Thursday with a call not to relent on demands.

“The UN Security Council should have been and must be reformed. This is not a favour by anybody but a right of all peoples that inhabit the planet earth,” he told the audience at the Commonwealth Speke Resort in Munyonyo, Kampala.

The Ministers gathering in Kampala come from ten countries, designated by the African Union as C-10, or the Committee of 10. They are from Kenya, Uganda, Senegal, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Congo-Brazzaville, Libya, and Namibia.

These countries, collectively under the chairmanship of Sierra Leone, have been collecting views from member states and other stakeholders around the world since 2015 in a bid to influence changes within the Council, according to the East African.

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Japan Provides New Humanitarian Assistance Package worth 14 Mil USD to Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa January 21/2022/ENA/ The Government of Japan will provide a new humanitarian assistance package worth about 14 million USD to Ethiopia through its partnerships with various international organizations.

As a follow-up to the commitments made at TICAD 7 in Yokohama in August 2018, and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the urgent humanitarian needs in Ethiopia, Japanese humanitarian assistance to Ethiopia, to be implemented in Japanese Fiscal Year (JFY) 2021/2022, is focused on food security and nutrition, health and WASH as well as emergency shelter, non-food items and protection.

Accordingly, Japan will provide over 2 million USD to the WFP to prevent and treat acute malnutrition for over 29,800 children aged 6-59 months and pregnant and lactating women in Afar, Amhara and Tigray.   

In order to meet acute needs, Japan will provide about 7 million USD to ICRC, UNICEF and UNOPS, the Embassy said.   

“This assistance will be needed to enhance access to primary health care and improve water and sanitation services and facilities for IDPs and host communities in drought and conflict affected seven regions namely Afar, Amhara, Benishangul-Gumuz, Gambella, Oromia, Somali and Tigray.  It is estimated this assistance will benefit over 1 million people.”          

The embassy further stated that in order to improve access to the protection and lifesaving support through the provision of emergency shelter, NFIs and basic services for IDPs, returnees and host communities in conflict and COVID-19 affected areas in all 10 regions except Harari and Sidama, Japan will provide about  5 million USD to IOM, OCHA, UNFPA and UNHCR.   

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WHO Director-General Tedros Violates UN Rules to Advance TPLF Interests –

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Addis Ababa, January 21, 2021 (Walta) – WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom (Ph.D.) has violated UN Codes of conduct, including the code of Ethics and Professional Conduct to advance terrorist TPLF interests in Ethiopia, renowned journalist Ann Garrison and New Africa Institute Executive Director Dr. Simon Tefamariam said.

In their article published on The Gray Zone, both stated that Tedros has violated these principles by allegedly using his influence to establish direct communication between the terrorist group TPLF and United Nations in secret.

And also he repeatedly voices opinions about Ethiopia’s civil war in public.

Following President Joe Biden’s unexpected January 10 phone call with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, WHO Chief unleashed a series of condemnations of Abiy’s government, accusing it of “an insult to humanity” for supposedly preventing aid from entering the Tigray State, the article added.

WHO regulation required staff members to always act with impartiality and professionalism and to ensure that the expression of personal views and convictions do not compromise the performance of their official duties or the interests of the organization.

In a formal complaint to the WHO, Ethiopia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry stated the director-general ‘has been interfering in the internal affairs of Ethiopia, including relations with the State of Eritrea.”

Journalist Ann Garrison

Ann and Simon further highlighted that the alleged actions by Tedros, which have come to light through leaked audio conversations of UN workers, constitute a violation of the UN code, which stipulates staff maintain neutrality and refrain from intervening in the affairs of member states. A participant in the leaked discussion also states that the WHO Chief tried to replace the UN’s top coordinator in Ethiopia with someone willing to advance his political objectives.

In the leaked audio, Maureen Achieng and Dennia Gayle allege that Tedros even agitated for the UN to replace the Resident Coordinator, CatherineSozi, who oversees the organization’s operations in Ethiopia, ‘with somebody who will dance to their tune,’ rather than follow the official protocol of coordinating with Ethiopia’s elected government.

WHO Director-General answers to UN Secretary-General AntónioGuterres, but Guterres appears to have looked the other way as Tedros violated multiple UN Codes of conduct, including the code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, they elaborated.

“But as the audio leaks demonstrate, Tedros has been engaged in a behind the scenes campaign at the United Nations to legitimize the TPLF the party that represents his ethnicity in the conflict with Ethiopia since well before his latest torrent of partisan invective.”

In a leaked conversation with journalist Jeff Pearce, UN staffers Maureen Achieng and Dennia Gayle explained that in early 2021, as Ethiopia’s civil war intensified, the WHO Chief and his allies dispatched a ‘surge’ of UN staff to create a direct line between UN headquarters and Ethiopia’s Tigray State, where the TPLF were in control. They were part of the UN team working in Addis that Tedros sidestepped when he created direct links with the terrorist TPLF.

Tedros has had a global platform to promote TPLF interests on both an ideological and material basis. Despite his claims of neutrality, has not hesitated to use his position to agitate for his ethnic sect, the article remarked.

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UAE Launches Fund to Renewable Energy Projects in Africa –

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Addis Ababa January 21, 2022 (Walta) The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) launched the Etihad 7 program to fund renewable energy projects in Africa at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2022.

According to the Ministry, Etihad 7, a UAE-led innovation program, is dedicated to securing funding for renewable energy projects in Africa to supply clean electricity to 100 million people by 2035.

The program will raise funds from the public and private sectors for clean energy investment with guidance and coordination from the UAE’s MoFAIC and Office of the Special Envoy for Climate Change.

The ambitious initiative builds on the UAE’s longstanding and deep ties with Africa and will be a focal point of the country’s efforts to contribute towards the global sustainability agenda over the next decade, the Ministry said.

The Etihad 7 initiative will help African nations meet fast-growing energy needs without the corresponding surge in greenhouse gas emissions, it pointed out.

Commenting on the initiative, Sheikh Shakhboot bin Nahyan Al Nahyan, State Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said: “We will leverage our existing relationships in Sub-Saharan Africa, including diplomatic, humanitarian, and development cooperation, to share the UAE’s renewable energy expertise to advance economic and human development.”

Furthermore, he noted that the UAE already has several agreements in place with Sub-Saharan African partners under Etihad 7 to join them in pursuing their clean energy and economic aims.

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