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June 15, 2021
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Asking Ambassador Power to visit survivors of Qilinto’s massacre

rLCaNxJIYrPIsku-800x450-noPadThis petition is a call on respected Ambassador Power to visit Ethiopian Qilinto’s prison where unknown number of prisoners were set on fire and gun downed, and verify who and how many prisoners are died and survived including all political, journalists, and human right advocating leaders such as Bekele Gerba et al.

Early Saturday morning, gunshots were heard at Qilinto’s notorious prison where high profile prisoners have called it at home along with over 3000 other. Soon after several reports were coming from OMN and other news such as Addis Standard outlets confirmed that bodies of several prisoners.

An eye witness tells Addis Standard he was on guard the morning of Saturday Sept 3, that armed prison guards were indiscriminately shooting at prisoners most of whom were running “frantically to extinguish the fire out. While BBC reports that the government confirms causality and death, other local media reports that at least 20 people had died in the incident. According to other news and activists the deaths have reached over 60. Now nearly 48 hours later there is no evidence of their whereabouts of survivors and families are told they will not be notified.

We are gravely concerned the safety and well-being of all prisoners in Qilinto and even other prisons in Ethiopia. Since protests started in Oromia ten months ago over 500 have lost their lives according to rights group and ten thousands more relinquish in several prisons and military training camps.

The petition expects Ambassador Power not only say “her country has raised grave concerns about what it calls excessive use of force against protesters” but take measurable action that guarantees the wellbeing of our prisoners and leaders. The #OromoProtests and the Ethiopia people in general would like to ask you to make the TPLF regime to take responsibility for the cruel killing of innocent legal prisoners, and demand respect for human rights in Ethiopia.

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