As Per Pretoria Peace Agreement TPLF Begins Handing Over of Weapons to Federal Gov’t

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Addis Ababa January 11/2023/ENA/ TPLF has commenced the first round handing over of heavy weapons to the federal government of Ethiopia in accordance with the Pretoria peace agreement, the National Defense Force disclosed.

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the peace agreement signed in South Africa and Kenya, TPLF has handed over the
first round of heavy weapons to the federal government of Ethiopia yesterday.

Military observers from different
countries attended the handing over that took place in Agula camp, 36
kilometers from the regional capital, Mekelle.

Official of the Ethiopian National Defense
Force, Lieutenant colonel Aleme Tadele confirmed  of receiving different heavy weapons located
around Agula, in accordance to the agreement signed between the federal
government and TPLF.

The National Defense Force has commenced
receiving heavy weapons from TPLF including armored tanks, various artilleries, rockets, mortars among
others, Lieutenant colonel
Aleme  said.

“As per the peace deal, we have reached
to disarmament, we have counted and received the heavy weapons in Agula where the weapons were

African Union observer who witnessed the
handing over, Brigadier General Adwa Peter said the handing over of the weapons
being underway is a crucial move to help sustain the peace agreement. 

The handing over of weapons being carried
out as per the peace agreement provides insurance for sustainable peace by
maintaining constitutionalism, the Brigadier General added. 

TPLF’s representative Mulugeta
Gebrekristos announced that the handing over of the weapons has been officially
commenced in accordance with the agreement.

Similarly, the handing over of the weapons
will continue in areas where weapons are gathered, he added. 

As per the peace agreement signed in Pretoria and Nairobi, the handing over of weapons has officially begun in Agula today. The heavy weapons accumulated in Agula have been handed over in the presence of pertinent actors.

The handing over was peaceful,  demonstrating sense of collaboration and cooperation. There are also other centers where weapons are accumulated. We will conduct the handing over with similar manner. 

We are working with confidence that from now on there should be no chance to open doors for conflict other than peaceful mechanisms. Therefore, peace is vital for our people. We will work with all our capacity to realize this.”

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