Amhara Democratic Force Movement Leader Urges Strong Collaboration to Repulse TPLF

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Addis Ababa November 3/2021 (ENA) Amhara Democratic Force Movement leader has stressed the need for strong collaboration among Ethiopians to repulse the TPLF invading force that has been trying to destabilize Ethiopia.

Amhara Democratic Force Movement Chairperson, Tesfahun Alemneh said Ethiopians, particularly the youth, should be ready to sacrifice themselves and maintain the unity, dignity and integrity of Ethiopia by repulsing the terrorist TPLF force.

He revealed that the terrorist group has been killing civilians, displacing persons, raping,  and looting private and public properties in Amhara and Afar regions.

The invaders are responsible for the atrocities being committed on Amhara and Afar people, Tesfahun stressed.

The chairperson pointed out that the group has organized and mobilized the invading force with its wrong narrative of labeling the Amhara people as enemies of the people of Tigray.

Starting from its inception, TPLF has been preaching this false narration and trying to destabilize Ethiopia, he elaborated.

According to the chairperson, freedom is gained through struggle, and those deprived of their freedom have to pay sacrifice and secure it.

All Ethiopians in general and the youth in particular must therefore get involved in the struggle to maintain the sovereignty, unity and integrity of the country, Tesfahun noted.

 “We should not be ensalved tomorrow for failing to pay the price for freedom today,” he stressed.  

However, Ethiopia will prevail whatever it costs by defeating the terrorist TPLF and burying it  once and for all, the chairperson underscored.

Tesfahun believes that Ethiopia will undoubtedly repulse the invading terrorist force and ensure the survival, dignity and sovereignty of the coutnry through the sacrifice of its patriotic people.

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