American Reverend Urges Western Media to Stop Fake News about Ethiopia

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An American Church Reverend and Assistance Pastor in Atlanta, Bronson Ellwood called on media outlets in the West to stop disseminating fake news about Ethiopia.

In spite of the disinformation campaign by some media outlets in the west about the real situation in the country, Ethiopians have colorfully celebrated Timket in the presence of several members of the Ethiopian Diaspora and foreign tourists.

The Reverend is here leading a 20 member delegation to participate in the celebration of Ethiopian Epiphany.

The Reverend criticized the disinformation campaign orchestrated by some of the west media about Ethiopia.

Despite some western media’s propaganda against Ethiopia, he said “I felt like I am in heaven as I have celebrated Epiphany in Ethiopia.”

This year’s Timket is unique for it is celebrated at a time when the ill intention of Ethiopia’s enemies to dismantle the nation has been foiled.

The celebration is also unique as many Ethiopian diaspora have participated in this world heritage religious festival.  

The Reverend told ENA at the celebration in Addis Ababa that the delegation is in Ethiopia to express solidarity to the people of the country.

Expressing his joy for partaking in this large religious festival, the Reverend said most members of the delegation are in Africa for the first time.  

He also pledged to regularly work in order to promote Ethiopia by leading other similar delegations.  

The Reverend further stated that reports being disseminated by some media outlets in the west entirely contradict with the reality on the ground in Ethiopia.  

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