American Pastor Describes NoMore as Movement of People Tired of False Narrative, Neo-colonialism

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Addis Ababa January 28/2022/ENA/ The NoMore movement is a movement of people tired of the false narrative being run on them and subjected to neocolonialism , Reverend Bronson Elliott Woods, the Assistant Pastor of Outreach and Young Adult Ministries at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta Georgia said.

NoMore is now a global movement originated by Africans to bring awareness and end the war on Ethiopia backed by some Western countries.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Reverend Woods said NoMore is a powerful movement of people tired of the neo-colonial false narrative in the 21st century.

He added that NoMore as a powerful movement that is spreading fast in the African continent beyond Ethiopia and helping black people to come together.

“This is a very powerful and not a scary movement. It is a black lives matter movement and in this we are all coming together to say no more lies, false narratives and let’s come together as one to support our beloved Ethiopia.” 

The reverend further noted that some Western media platforms that purposely get the narrative incorrect about the reputation of Ethiopia should connect with the reality in the country.

“My message to any media platform that purposely gets the narrative incorrect and which tends to get things twisted, I challenge you to come and see for yourself.  Let’s stop playing the games and connect with the truth.”

Reverend Woods, who brought a team of about 20 people to Ethiopia, said he found the country peaceful  and the information they heard over the media outlets in their country were exaggerated and far from the reality on the ground.  

“We feel this is like the safest place in the world right now; and I’m saying that quite literally. It’s very safe and I feel at home. I feel at home and there are no threats or any sort of security issues.”

The American pastor likens the NoMore movement with the civil rights movement in  the United States that came to national  prominence during the mid-1950s.

Woods added it  is also similar  to his country’s civil rights movement, mass protest movement against racial segregation and discrimination  in the southern United States that  led by Dr. Martin Luther king and Adam Clayton Powell junior. 

“From what I remember, the NoMore movement is no different from the civil rights movement that was led by people such as the late great Adam Clayton Powell Junior as you know and  Martin Luther King Junior in the United States.”  

According to Woods, the NoMore movement has now become the best platform for those who are tired of being subject to neo-colonial powers.

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