American couples, Son Sad, Tired of Fabricated Agenda on Ethiopia by U.S Gov’t

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December 11/2021 (ENA)  American citizens have expressed their sadness over the fabricated agenda of the U.S government to leave Ethiopia despite most part of the country remain calm.

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Rachel Ayele who is living in Hawassa with her family told ENA that “it is so sad to me that on media, I hear so many false accusations of the Ethiopian government and it is sad to hear my embassy, the US embassy trying to get everybody out of the country”.

“My perspective is living here in Hawassa and having friends in Addis Ababa and even our family living in Addis, everything is peaceful,” she elaborated.

Stating that the need to listen to the people she said “my advice is to listen to the entire country not the people that you know necessarily, not the people that you have been in communication, have the relationship”.

“If you don’t live here and are seeing the things we are seeing, and then you don’t know much about the country. So, my encouragement especially to the American government is to take your hands off”.

“This is Ethiopia which has been a country way longer than America has and they know what they are doing, they have democratically voted for their Prime Minister and he is in office now and he is doing best I believe for the country,” she affirmed.

Rachel’s husband, Argaw Ayele said for his part that “We are living here peacefully. We have not been witnessing any problem so far and everything is calm”.

The false narrative being disseminated by some western media is contrary to facts on the ground about the nation, he said “We are living in a real Ethiopia not the Ethiopia of the western media talking about”.

Apart from in some parts of the northern Ethiopia, the other part of the country is peaceful and the daily life continues accordingly, he affirmed.

“We have been received plenty of messages to leave the country from the US embassy but we refused to leave the nation since there is no reason to depart Ethiopia,” he pointed out.

According to him, the government of Ethiopia should work with people in the government of the US and western nations that supports Ethiopia’s stand.

“There are senators, governors that support Ethiopia in the US.  There are respected and prominent persons in the government of the US who are tirelessly working for the benefit of Ethiopia and its people. I urge the government of Ethiopia to work with people in the governments of western countries including the US to aware them the reality in the country and thwart the ill intentions of enemies.” 

Their Son, Adonay Ayele  for his part said “I am meeting people from around different areas of the town and the country. I love the people here, they are very polite and they are happy and I really love and respect the Ethiopian people.”

Argaw and Rachel Ayele are the founders of the local NGO, Ebenezer Supporting and Development Association (ESDA) and oversee the Ebenezer family of homes and ministries.

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