Ambassadors Laud Gov’t Steps to Resolve Conflict Peacefully

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Addis Ababa September 6/2022/ENA/ The Ethiopian government has taken positive steps to resolve the armed conflict in the northern part of the country, Russian and South Korean ambassadors to Ethiopia said.

Despite the government’s strong commitment to resolving the issue peacefully, it is now abundantly clear that the TPLF has once again shown its true color by refusing to accept the peace gesture and starting a third round  of war.

Russian Ambassador Evgeny Terekhin noted that the Government of Ethiopia has made tireless efforts to settle the issue peacefully.

“We remember all the numerous steps undertaken by the Ethiopian government and Dr. Abiy. Those include release of prisoners, establishment of humanitarian truce, unfettered access of humanitarian aid to the northern regions of the country. We really hope that the other side will finally accept all these good gestures in a proper way, not by beating the drums of war but by singing songs of peace and love,” Ambassador Terekhin said.

He added that Russia has expressed on many occasions its position that the Ethiopian situation is internal affair.

“It (the problem) should be solved by Ethiopians themselves; and may be with the help of friendly Africans in accordance with the principle ‘African solutions to African problems.’ We are objecting that it is unnecessary to interfere in the Ethiopian internal affairs.”

South Korean Ambassador to Ethiopia, Kang Seokhee said on his part that the Government of Ethiopia has made positive approaches to resolve the issue and ensure sustainable peace in the country.

“I think the Ethiopian government made positive approach. I heard that the government announced the initiative to resolve the issue through dialogue with the other party. With this new initiative, I hope Ethiopia will find a solution and recover peace as soon as possible. With peace in Ethiopia, I think Korea can work together more easily with the country. We have many projects to work together. So, peace is the most important one to move forward.”

Out of its firm stand and commitment to resolve the issue peacefully, the Government of Ethiopia has established a peace committee and declared its readiness to talk peace at anytime, anywhere and without any precondition.

However, the terrorist TPLF clique has again exposed its warmongering nature by re-launching attacks on the nation.  

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