Ambassadors, Diplomatic Missions Vow to Promote Ethiopia’s Splendid Tourist Destinations

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Addis Ababa January 16 /2023/ENA/ Ethiopian ambassadors and diplomatic missions have vowed to promote Ethiopia’s splendid tourism destinations to their respective countries of mission.

Officials of
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Heads of Mission and pertinent institutions
under the ministry have visited the Gorgora project, which is among the one of
the three tourism destination  projects
under construction as part of the “Dine for Ethiopia” initiative.

Speaking with ENA after the visit, the
ambassadors have said that by developing its natural resources, the “Dine for
Ethiopia” project will enable Ethiopia to benefit from its tourism sector.

The ambassadors further noted that they
will work harder to make foreign visitors come and visit the projects. They
also said that they will promote tourist destinations in the country.

Ethiopian Ambassador in Turkey, Adam
Mohamed, said the Gorgora development project is a major tourism destination
being carried out by preserving nature. 

The Gorgora project resembles with other projects found in the
world that we have been greatly surprising with, he said adding that it is
everyone’s responsibility to promote these new tourist attractions to the

Ethiopian ambassador to Canada, Fitsum Arega on his part, said, “Dine for Ethiopia” projects will contribute to bringing out the natural rich of the country and help in image building.

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These projects should be promoted as their
contribution to generate income is huge, he said.

Ethiopian ambassador in Zimbabwe, Rashid Mohamed, on his part said “Dine for Ethiopia” projects can largely play crucial role in displaying Ethiopia’s  natural resources, that has been out of sight from the world, with a view to promoting the country’s tourism and strengthen economic benefits.

Ethiopian ambassador to Pakistan Jamal Beker indicated that since the major work of missionaries is economic diplomacy, we diplomats are expected to help the country generate income by promoting its development achievements.

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Foreign Affairs State Minister Ambassador Birtukan Ayano, on her part, pointed out that  in the future ‘Dine for Ethiopia’ projects are expected to  become major tourist destinations in Ethiopia.

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She also stated that the projects are symbolic
development works that demonstrate the facts that Ethiopians can commence and
complete development projects on time.

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