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April 21, 2021
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Amb. Hirut Zemene confers with heads of Janssen Pharmaceutical –

Ambassador Hirut Zemene, Ambassador of Ethiopia to Belgium, Luxembourg, and EU institutions, discussed the pharmaceutical sector investment opportunities in Ethiopia with a group led by Mohsen Ramez, Managing Director of Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson.

During the discussion, Ambassador Hirut and the Embassy’s economic diplomacy section gave a detailed presentation to the company on the wide-ranging opportunities that exist in the pharmaceutical sector in the country.

The embassy also briefed policy-level, infrastructural, and market incentives, inviting Janssen to explore the market in Ethiopia.

Ramez said that he understands the potential market of Ethiopia and Janssen pharmaceutical is already in the process of entering the Ethiopian market and has begun the process of registering four of their medicines.

The group that discussed with Ambassador Hirut included the son of the founder and former president of the Company, Herwig Janssen.

As Herwig Janssen said, they want to partner with local pharmaceutical companies to transfer their knowledge on advanced technology in the sector.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, both sides agreed to exchange information and work together to further explore the business opportunities of the sub-sector in Ethiopia.

Janssen pharmaceutical, the parent company of Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals, is one of the most innovative and inspiring pharmaceutical researchers of the 21st century.


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