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Amara Young Supervise the upcoming Election! | Ethiopian News | ZeHabesha

Hoze Yeabesha
April 26, 2021

First for most Kudos for the Amara young who organized and executed a very civilized protest in various Amara cities and towns to bring to the public the atrocities committed on the Amara people in various corners of the country. Keep it up and please be organized to defend the Amara people right. History has given you at this moment a huge responsibility and please accomplish the task shouldered upon you with humility and responsibility.

If PP party insists on the election having to go on as planned, bring it on but there will be rules enforced by Ethiopian Election Board and the Amara youths in Amara region.

This is a call for all Amara young who are protesting the genocide being committed on Amara people in their own region and various  parts of the country by the Oromo Junta and other Junta inspired bandits. There will be time for the organizers and the culprits who committed this heinous crime using government resources to face justice.

Before the vote for election in Amara region in collaboration with Ethiopian Election board the Amara young should organize a peaceful rally in each Amara cities and towns in all regions one by one.

Amara TV and if possible ETV should cover this peaceful rally. The election may take more time, so be it and the federal government should support this and have a true election in the Amara region. The organizing youth in collaboration with Ethiopian election commission should collect relevant questions from the public, from all Ethiopians from different corners of the country and even from diaspora. Ethiopian Election Committee should entertain new independent candidates to be on the ballot for the upcoming election due to the special event happening in Amara region to make the election legitimate so that there will be real Amara representatives who will come due to the unraveling events.

Start from a major city like Bahirdar, Gonder one at a time with live tv coverage. The young form a committee that invites candidates who are running for office in this election say for Bahirdar from  Amara PP, Aben, Ezema, and new independent candidates. The rally and debate should be done in every Amara town with local candidates one by one. The organized young and Ethiopian Election Commission should do and repeat the rally in the rural place as well by rallying the farmers using the farm extension professionals for the public to vote their own choice. Finger pointing on Amara ruling party for their shortcoming is not the theme of the debate there is also a shining accomplishment by Amara PP for organizing Liyu hyle , Amara militia and Fano and saved our National Defense Force in Welkaite and defending them from weyane and re-united Humera, Welkaite and Raya to Amara region where it belongs. So the debate should be about the future of Amara people and the region.

The organizing committee should run the debate in the live televised rally with questions collected from the public. To be fair equal time should be given to each candidate and the rally attendant should only listen to the answer the candidate gives for the questions. No cheering or condemnation or booing,  just listen and make your judgment on your vote! The format for the debate is not one candidate to comment on the other candidate just to answer the question and explain their stand. The rally attendants after listening to the answer from the candidate the next thing to do is take your card and vote. The diaspora should coordinate and help technically the young organizing committee to conduct these rallies and debates in different regions. Please the questions for the candidate should be realistic to address the Amara people issue and to go forward. Let not dwell on the past and waste time let us judge the candidates with their response and the public will judge on their fate based on their performance.

The rally organizers should recruit volunteers to go from door to door for the public to vote and the public should be allowed to vote freely and the organizers should not be any party supporter only facilitate the public to perform their civic duty. The volunteers and Ethiopian Election commission should work hand in hand to secure the people’s vote and count of the ballot securely. If the Amara young make this event happen, that will be a true democracy on the making and Amara young have a chance to make history! The people will vote their own leader to office that represents them.

Now the debate will not be easy, the questions should be hard and the public need to know who represents them to protect the Amara right and lead. No insult and no other party should comment on the ruling Amara party performance. The goal is to know the position of the candidate and how they solve the existing problem to govern the Amara people.

The type of questions will not be easy the public can raise burning questions that need to be answered.

Type of Questions these questions are not only for Amara PP candidates also to all the candidates.

  1. Do you support to conduct a thorough investigation for the multiple times committed, atrocities in Ataye, KaraKore, Northern Shewa, and punish the Amara regions leaders from top to bottom for dereliction of duty?  Do you also demand the responsible federal government officials to face justice for dereliction of duty?  If the answer is yes the follow up question is to tell the steps the candidate takes to accomplish this task and commitment to communicate for the public timely and there has to be a tangible result from this investigation.
  2. Do you agree for the Special Oromo Zone in the Amara region to be dissolved?  The reason being why weyane makes a special rule for Amara?  It is obvious to hurt Amara. Weyane in Tigray have Kunama, Erob and Tigre and do not have a special zone for these people. Why in the Amara region? In Oromia there are large Amara communities, forget to have a special Amara Zone, they are slaughtered day by day telling them they do not belong there. Leave alone they speak their own language (Amarigina) they have no right to elect or to be elected and are assimilated to speak Oromiga. So why does the Amara region have to treat  other communities differently? The Amara government should protect the Oromo people living in this region; all services like health, education and all social services have to be provided equally for all citizens living in the region and should have the right to elect or be elected. But there should not be any special zone; it is Amara region and governed like any Amara region. Having said this, what is the position of the aspiring candidate in this position and they need to explain their plan on this issue. The audience should be patient and listen for the answers from the candidates.
  1. What is your strategy to protect the Amara communities living in other regions like Oromia, BenShangual and Debube. The Amara living there are butchered and slaughtered day and night for who they are, they are prosecuted for their race and religion and what will you do to protect their right? The answer should not be lip service to a concrete plan using the Federal Government making the regional government to be accountable for the act and sue them in court Parliament …  Also what is your plan for these Amara communities living in these regions the right to vote and to be elected for an office in these regions. Step by step plans to execute these actions are expected on the response from the candidates.
  2. Weyane to hurt Amhara has taken from Amara Metekel region and incorporated it to BeneShangul Gumuz and all the Amara are now dislocated from this region. What is your stand arming and training the dislocated Amara community and relocating them back to their land and taking back Metekle Zone to Amara kilil where it belongs. All Berta, Gumez, Shinasha people living in Metkel will have the same right like Amara people in Metekel. Explain your position on this matter and if you have a different position explain.

WelQuite, Tsegede, Tselemet and Raya.  

First and foremost Amara people and all Ethiopians are indebted for the valor and bravery for Amara Liyou Hayle, Militia and Fano to librate these regions from Weyane and emancipate the people from slavery and daily killing of Weyane thugs with impunity. Kudos for Liyou Hayle, Amara Militia and Fano for the glorious rescue of our National Defense Force from Weyane back stabbing attack. MyeKadra and the vicinity massacre are recent memories, our deepest sympathy for their surviving immediate families. The youths should organize rallies in these regions and have candidates to debate for election as well. The federal government should endorse the reintegration of these regions to the Amara Region and help the Amara government with a budget to administer this region as soon as possible. It is not fair to delay the elections in these regions and Amara young have once again in collaboration with young people of these regions organize a televised rally and debate with election candidates of these regions and let the people vote. This should be done in coordination with Ethiopian Election commission.

Call For Federal Government

The federal government should be happy when people exercise their rights and help the Amara young to organize and facilitate their effort to execute such peaceful rallies and debates live in public with well formatted debate. It will be a benefit for the ruling party to get integrity on the election and credibility of the ruling party. As a matter of fact this format should be practiced in other regions. Due to the current event and protest in Amara region by the young this rally and debate can redeem the government for trustworthiness of the upcoming election.

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