Al-Shabab Repulsed Again After Suffering Heavy Loss: Nat’l Defense Force

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Addis Ababa July 29/2022/ENA/ The terrorist Al-Shabab group which tried to infiltrate through Eastern Ethiopia has again suffered humiliating defeat and retreated, according to the National Defense Force.

National Defense Force Deployment Head and Acting Security Command Post Coordinator, Major General Tesfaye Ayalew said the terrorist group was beaten back and fled after suffering huge loss.

It is to be recalled the coordinator had revealed that the attempt of the terrorist Al-Shabab group, which tried to enter the country through five border areas few days ago, was fully thwarted by the security force.

Major General Tesfaye told ENA that following that defeat the security forces along with the Ethiopian Airforce undertook a clean up operation that destroyed weapons and food depots of the terrorist group.

As a result, the terrorist group has suffered huge loss.

Yet the terrorist group regrouped its scattered forces tonight and tried to infiltrate into Ethiopia and carry out attack in the area bordering Somalia with Ethiopia, Major General Tesfaye disclosed.

The terrorist group was, however, repulsed for the second time after suffering huge human and material loss, he explained.

According to the evidence gathered so far more than 150 members of the terrorist group were eliminated and vehicles readied for suicidal mission destroyed, Major General Tesfaye stated.

Various weapons have also been captured.

The National Defense Force and the joint security force are at present more than ready to crush the provocations of the terrorist group, he underscored, adding that the inhabitants of Somali Region have practically demonstrated their staunch support to the defense force and the regional special force.

Major General Tesfaye warned that the defense force and the regional special force as well as the security command post are in a state of alert to take measure against any force that violates the boundary of Ethiopia.

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