Agency Launches Platform that Enables Ethiopian Diaspora to Donate Finance

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Addis Ababa November 2/2021 (ENA) The Ethiopian Diaspora Agency announced that an electronic platform that enables the diaspora community to easily donate finance to support various projects in the country has been launched.

The application named Eyezon is developed by Chapa Financial Technologies S.C would be used to collect financial support for various projects in one bucket in collaboration with the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

Speaking during the launching ceremony, Ethiopian Diaspora Agency Deputy Director Mohammed Indris said the platform would enable the Ethiopian Diaspora living in different parts of the world to easily provide financial support for various projects in the country.

According to him, the diaspora community had been requesting for such an easily accessible platform that enables them to provide finance support rather than frequently organizing fund raising programs.

CBE President Abe Sano said on his part the bank will work in cooperation with the agency.  

Eyezon is a gift-based crowd funding platform that enables nonprofit organizations to raise money online from supporters with the causes they are passionate about.

The developer of the application Chapa Financial Technologies is a homegrown fintech company that previously developed (the platform for donation to GERD).

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