Africans Needs to Unite to Prosper, Make Their Voice Heard: Minister

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Addis Ababa October 8/2022/ENA/ Africa will not prosper unless Africans come together and make their voice heard, Mines and Petroleum Minister Takele Uma said at the Ethio-Ghana Fraternity Night yesterday.

Speaking at the Ethio-Ghana Fraternity Night held at the Embassy of Ghana, Mines and Petroleum Minister Takele Uma said let think of United Africa in order to build a prosperous Africa. we can’t do it alone, .

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Nearly 60 years ago Africans had spoken about unity. The freedom fighters had spoken why a United Africa is not an option but a must, he stressed.

“We know that unity has value. Those who understand the concept of unity and change it into realty will benefit a lot.”

This generation of Africa needs to think where we are today and fight as no one will fight for them, he noted.  

Unity needs some cost — cost to build institutions, cost to invest on generations, cost to focus on common purpose.

“Unless we are united and come together to make our voice heard, Africa will never prosper. Regardless of the challenges, Prime Minister Abiy has taken this initiative to bring Africa together. If other African leaders take similar initiative, believe me the unity of Africa is very soon.”

According to the minister, Ethiopia is once again ready to play its role for the realization of the initiative.

“This is a must and we must move forward and develop great Africa. We, the new generation of Africa, need to be ready than ever.”

Ghana’s  Ambassador to Ethiopia, Amma A. Twum-Amoah said the Ethio-Ghana Fraternity Night is an initiative by Ethiopian brothers and sisters to further strengthen Pan-Africanism.

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She added that such occasions like this fraternity night will further deepen the bonds of friendship between our two countries.

“Our two countries have very sentimental history, which among others, is to continue to drive our bilateral cooperation at various levels and sectors.”

The ambassador further stated that this will not be the only event, but a series of others will follow as close as possible.

“We are looking forward to having such an event that brings us together, and through that we can solidify the relations that exists between our countries and also our continent Africa.”

Neighboring Countries Affairs Director-General at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fisseha Shawel said on his part that what our forefathers have done in terms of fighting for independence will be translated into the current objective.

He added that the youth must be thought, practice, and stand for Pan-Africanism.

“We are politically independent in many ways, still we are under subjugation, colonialism. Our economy, social thinking even our education is still under colony. We have to be totally free  from any kind of influence.”

The Ethio-Ghana African Fraternity Night brought together Ethiopia’s high level officials, public figures, youth representatives, and the Ghanian community.

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