African Union Deploys Election Expert Mission to Kenya

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June 28, 2022 (ENA) The African Union (AU) announced today that it deployed an international election expert mission to Kenya to observe the upcoming General Elections scheduled for 9 August 2022.

its press release, the AU stated that the African Union Commission is
deploying an international election expert mission to Kenya comprising
eight core teams experts, following an invitation from the Kenyan

deployment of an election expert mission is part of the Union’s
comprehensive and long-term engagement in the 2022 general elections in

core team experts will follow up on the electoral preparations, assess
the political dynamics and genuine competitiveness and fairness of the
electoral campaign, and maintain regular contact with national and
international stakeholders before, during and after the elections, the
release stated.  

is to be recalled that the AU, COMESA and EAC deployed a joint
high-level pre-election assessment mission to Kenya from 14 to 21 May
2022 to promote free, fair, peaceful and credible elections in the

joint AU-COMESA-EAC mission recommended continued engagement in the
electoral process to ensure violence-free, fair and credible elections
that will strengthen Kenya’s democratic process. 

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