African Leaders Urged to Demonstrate Political Will that Can Drive Concerted Action in Overcoming Challenges

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Addis Ababa February 4/2022/ENA/ African Union heads of state and government must demonstrate a political will that can drive concerted action to overcome the ongoing protracted challenges in the continent, Guinea Ambassador to Ethiopia Gaoussou Touré said.

Sharing his view with ENA about the 35th Ordinary Session of the African Union (AU) scheduled to take place on 5th and 6th February, the ambassador stated that leaders have to be committed to strengthen the unity of the continent and cope up with all that Africa is facing.

According to him, the 35th Ordinary Session of the Assembly has come at the right time that would enable the heads of state and government to reflect on the implementation of continental flagship projects for integration.

“I can say that it is an important moment of reflection to enable our head of states to reflect on the implementation of our program of integration.”

Ambassador Touré also stated that the 35th Ordinary Session of the Assembly has come when Africa has many pressing issues as a continent.

“We have seen many problems in the African continent.… Our countries are sometimes confronting unconstitutional change of government, but we also have a kind of difficulties to stabilize our own countries and our economy. So our heads of states have to reflect on the implementation of protocol about good governance, election and democracy…These protocols need to be reviewed and strengthened.”

He further pointed out that the world and all observers know that Africa is a continent of the future with its immense resources. It has the largest deposit of all resources in the world and more than a billion people, 70 percent of which is youth.

However, the continent has not yet been able to manage its own resources and internal affairs to defend impositions and double standards, Ambassador Touré underscored.

In light of these challenges, he added that leaders of the continent should pass important decisions on various programs and protocols.

Asked about the meddling of Western countries in the internal affairs of Africa, the ambassador stressed the need for the continent to ensure financial independence.

Africa must have its own monetary institutions and put them together so as to exploit the natural resources for the continent’s integration program.

Mentioning the many unwarranted pressures from some Western countries on African nations individually, the ambassador cited Ethiopia as an example that the so-called powers have been striving to destabilize since last year.

“You see there is a lot of pressure on our countries individually. They say that after Afghanistan, (those) people will turn to Ethiopia. It was already in the strategy of the western country. Now we know there have been a lot of threats this year and last year on Ethiopia. They want to divide us. That is why I am insisting on the unity of the continent,” Ambassador Touré emphasized.

As the founding fathers fought for the independence of Africa, the ambassador stressed that the new generation of Africa and its leader should have courage for economic independence in this era.

“We the new generation need to continue to fight for this (economic) independence. After the political freedom it is very important to have also our economic freedom. .. It is very important for us and we need to find solution for our problems here in our continent.”

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