African Countries Urged to Strive Hard to Practically Implement Pan-Africanism for Benefit of Continent

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Addis Ababa, February 7/2022 /ENA/  Africans should strive to realize the ideals of Pan-Africanism as it is an important instrument to ensuring the interest of the continent, DRC Chief of Staff for Ministry of Regional Integration Professor Pashi said.

The concept of Pan Africanism promotes strong unity among the entire people of Africa in order to bring economic, social, and political progress in the continent.

Speaking to ENA, Democratic Republic of Congo Chief of Staff for Ministry of Regional Integration, Professor Claver Lumana Pashi said Pan-Africanism is an important concept that Africans have to make it become a reality on the continent.

According to him, the concept has not yet been practically happening in Africa, instead neocolonialism is spreading across the continent.

Pan-Africanism is crucial for Africa but it must be implemented practically with a view to ensuring the economic and political interest of the continent without foreign interferences.

“Pan-Africanism is an important concept. So we have to make it become a reality on our continent. But, that is not happening yet because we still have this neocolonialism that is really spreading; and we have to stop that.”

Africans have to be united and strong in order to implement the concept of Pan-Africanism to ensure the interests of the entire continent, the professor noted.

With the concept of Pan-Africanism, Africans should collaboratively say no to any interference of foreign countries in to the internal affairs of Africans, he noted.

 “The interference of foreign countries into the internal affairs of African countries is unacceptable wherever it happens. But, the external forces that are intervening in Africa have their own interest because most of the time the political and economic interests of those countries are domestic. It means that they want to exploit resources in Africa to develop their own country, not to develop Africa. So, we have to avoid being allying with external forces that are not there to help us, but they are there to exploit us and keep us where we are.”

The relationship and cooperation between African and other countries should be based on the idea of mutual interest and benefits, he underlined.

This doesn’t mean that Africans have to leave foreign countries out of Africa, but “African and foreign countries need to have a win-win kind of negotiation and cooperation,” Professor Pashi stated.

It is to be recalled that  Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed  said in his opening speech at the 35th AU summit on Saturday that people in the continent  want a prosperous Africa based on sustainable and equitable development and a politically united continent that aspires to fulfill the ideals of pan-Africanism and the vision of an African Renaissance.

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