Adwa Victory Underscores Need for Africans to Unite for Shared Future: African Journalists

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Addis Ababa / ENA/ March 01 /2023/ Ethiopia’s victory over the invading Italian forces at the battle of Adwa underscored the need for Africans to unite in order to establish a shared future and thwart such odds, journalists from African countries said.

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The journalists approached by ENA noted that Ethiopian victory against the Italian colonial army at the Battle of Adwa in 1896 awakened Africans as well as the entire black people descents to stand for their fundamental freedom.

Recall the battle of Adwa in which the European Colonial powers were defeated for the first time by the Africans on the soil of Ethiopia before 127th years ago.

The victory has still been considered as a source of pride and inspiration to the struggle for freedom among the entire black people across the world, it was indicated.

Journalist at Nigerian News Agency, Fortune Abang said that the victory of Adwa against Italy entails that Ethiopia remains the cradle of black peoples.

For him, the battle of Adwa is imperative to reconsider and restructure the historical, sovereignty and political role of the African continent in the context of the global security system.

“The battle of Adwa on 1st March 1896 that Ethiopia gained victory over Italy will forever be remembered. This victory is not just for Ethiopia but also awakening the consciousness of other African descents and other black people to stand for their human rights and fundamental freedoms across the world.”

Most importantly, Abang underscored that the victory of Adwa is instrumental in galvanizing African people to come together and establish their common destiny.

“The battle of Adwa underscored the need for Africans to unite amidst diversity, religious or ethnic differences, deepen mutual relations in the bid to establish community with shared future,” the journalist revealed.

According to him, the victory also provided practical expression to thwart against all forms of odds including colonialism and foreign intervention.

The Victory of Adwa brought about economic and political self-reliance, dignity and confidence to Ethiopia, he indicated.

Acknowledging the victory of Adwa as an inspirational historical movement, the journalist indicated that the battle of Adwa inspired the black people to fight for their freedom globally.

On his part, Brian Otieno, Correspondent for The Star Newspaper of Kenya said that the Victory of Adwa changed the wrong narrative between blacks and whites by proving a shining testimony of black identity and heroism.

“The fact that Ethiopians defeated the Italians means that the notion that blacks are inferior to whites is a fallacy. This means the black man can stand up for himself and can survive without the help of the white as we have been made to believe. In fact, it is quite the opposite,” he stated.

The correspondent added therefore, Ethiopian victory at the battle Adwa is a testament that Africa, mostly the black Africa, is not inferior to the white man.

Acknowledging that Africa has untapped natural resources, the victory of Adwa is a testimony that the black man has the means to develop even without the help from outsiders.

The victory of Adwa is a lesson by itself for the Africa continent to enable the region to manage its own affairs and develop the endowed resource, said another Tanzanian journalist, Ephrahim Bahemu.

“If we Africans decide to unite, we can rapidly develop and become a superpower continent because we have all the resources,” according to him.

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