Addis Female Residents Condemn Bestial Crimes Perpetrated by TPLF on Women, Children

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December 03/2021 (ENA) The atrocities carried out by the terrorist TPLF group on women in areas it invaded are inhumane and brutish, women in Addis Ababa told ENA.

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Speaking to ENA, the inhabitants also noted that the terrorist group has been showing its hatred of the people by robbing and destroying public facilities and private properties.

They have, for instance, looted pharmacies, banks, hotels, supermarkets, shops in Shoa Robit and Deber Sina towns recently. They damaged properties that they could not take.

The group also raped and abused girls, mothers and children in the invaded area, it was learned.

According to Ethiopia Asmerom, the crimes committed by TPLF are shameful and unforgivable. “This is inexplicable. How come that a mother is killed, raped and indecently assaulted? These are bestial acts.”

The youth resident, Sara Haile said on her part that besides destroying and looting properties the terrorist group has been perpetrating atrocities that could not even be conceivably committed by savage beasts.

The terrorists are inflicting heavy damages on the minds of women, children, youth and the general population, she noted.

And all these are committed in the 21st century, she wondered.

Genet Abrha stressed that the violence being perpetrated against women and children should be exposed.

She urged the international media outlets like CNN and BBC to report such facts rather than disseminating fake news which favoring the terrorist group.

According to Genet, the victims should get psychological and humanitarian support.

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