Addis Ababa Deputy Mayor Calls on Muslims, Christians to Stop Conflict Entrepreneurs –

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Addis Ababa, April 30, 2022(Walta) – Addis Ababa City Deputy mayor Jantrar Abay has called on Christians and Muslims to thwart forces trying to incite religious conflicts.

The Grand Street Iftar 2022, which brought together thousands of Muslims, government officials, and diplomats, was held along the streets of Addis Ababa yesterday.

Speaking at the event, the Public Service Institutions Coordinator with the rank of Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa, Jantrar Abay said that Ethiopia is a country with a long history of interfaith relations.

However, he stated that there are attempts to break the unity of Ethiopians, by using religion as a guide.

According to him, the co-existence of religions has been passed down from generation to generation and “will be preserved by our generation and passed on to future generations.”

“All religions in our country will continue to be honored. Ethiopia cannot be broken by its historical enemies who want to divide and see a weak country,” Jantrar underscored.

The deputy mayor further stated that the coexistence of Christians and Muslims cannot be compromised by conflict entrepreneurs.

Ustaz Abubeker Ahmed said the presence of various religious fathers at the Grand Iftar is a manifestation of the true color of Ethiopia as a nation.

Mentioning the presence of various religious leaders at the program, he said “this is our beauty and our real manifestation as Ethiopians.”

Ustaz Abubeker further stressed that “our respect for one another and our unity among ourselves is our beauty as Ethiopians.”

Regarding the recent tragic incident in Gondar, he said: “We strongly condemn the recent incident but repeating the same destruction will not bring a sustainable solution at the national level.”

Noting that those involved in the violent incident have to be apprehended, he stressed that “rather than repeating the same destruction, we should go hand-in-hand to ensure the sustainability of our country.”

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