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Addis Ababa City Admin claims Meskel Square Project 90 % completed

Addis Ababa city acting Mayor, Adanech Abeibie (Photo : ENA)

February 14, 2021

There seems to be a concern among Ethiopian Orthodox church followers, and some took the matter to social media, regarding the Meskel Square project completion in the capital Addis Ababa, the city administration claims over 90 percent of it is completed.

Meskel Square is where the Ethiopian church celebrates Meskel Demera, a feast that commemorates the finding of the true cross in the tradition of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. 

It is not uncommon to read complaints from followers of the church on social media that the Ethiopian church has been experiencing  undue pressure from different levels of government in the country including Addis Ababa City Administration. 

The city is undertaking the construction of an underground parking in the square for eight months now, and the celebration of this year’s  (in Ethiopian Calendar)  Meskel’s celebration was impacted by it. 

According to Ethiopian News Agency (ENA), the two billion birr project is expected to be completed “within a year.”  If that is the case it may mean that there is a possibility for the project will not be completed before the  next Meskel celebration which is in September – a concern for the Ethiopian church followers.

When completed, the facility will have about 1400 parking spots, 24 stores and a gym. 

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