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Addis Ababa bound explosive caught in Woldia, northern Ethiopia

ISUZU trick that was reportedly smuggling explosives from Mekelle to Addis Ababa (Photo : ENA)


ISUZU pickup truck carrying about 161 explosives reportedly caught at the  Woldia check point in northern Ethiopia. It was caught on Wednesday around 5 p.m. local time. 

Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) reported that it was Addis Ababa bound, and originated from Mekelle –  the seat of Tigray regional state where a provisional administration is installed following the law enforcement operation of the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

Suspecting members of guards at the checkpoint in Woldia declined to give the driver of ISUZU pickup truck with a plate number A21084. The truck had to stay overnight for additional full searches, said the report by ENA. 

And the explosives were discovered. ENA report unspecified how they were concealed in the truck. 

Deputy Inspector of the Federal Police Commission, Amsalu kelebe, is quoted as saying that the explosives could have caused serious damage had the smugglers made it to central Ethiopia. 

They are the kinds of explosives that are used in detonating structures like bridges, according to the deputy Inspector. 

The Ethiopian government has been under immense media pressure to provide humanitarian access to the Tigray region – from where the explosives originated. 

Yesterday, TPLF, which now seems to be more of a clandestine ethnic-based organization as it has lost its legal status with the National Election Board of Ethiopia on grounds of attacking Ethiopian Army, spokesperson said that TPLF is still undertaking resistance to the Ethiopian Defense Force.  

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