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June 15, 2021
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Abyi Ahmed Must Choose !!!!! Tedla Asfaw

The secretley taped audio of Abyi Ahmed meeting  with the displaced people of Gedeo  is a verdict on the Abyi nine month administration.
 More than 800 thousands people from Gedeo Zone of Oromo Kilil were chased  by the coordinated attack of the Oromo Administration when it  took over from TPLF nine month ago.
Abyi heard from a brave woman directly yesterday. The Oromo government miliitias cry, this is our time and this is our government chasing, killing and raping  the Gedeo people.
Abyi was forced to visit the displaced after pictures of starving children and women were posted on social medias.
The Oromo region which is run by Abyi Oromo Party tried to hide this truth from public for nine months. DW Amharic, ESAT, VOA Amharic  covered the suffering of the Gedeo people on their programs. That is the reason Abyi was forced to visit the camps.
Abyi came to power as an Ethiopian but failed to the trap of the OLF. He failed to take action on his party who is behind the ethnic cleansing in the so called Oromo Kilil. His argument is that this is very common happens throughout Ethiopia.
In fact ethnic cleansing is underway in the outskirts of Addis Ababa under Abyi Oromo Party which is led by Lemma who is sleeping in bed with the likes of Jawar Mohammed a known anti Ethiopia extremist who is famously known for his cry, Ethiopia out of Oromia. He is now legally spreading his propaganda in Addis Ababa.
Jawar Mohammed and his Oromo Media Network 24/7 is agitating the Oromo youth/Qaerro to take over Addis Ababa. The Addis Ababa youth is mistreated by the Oromo security forces to shut their mouth for final Oromo take over of Addis Ababa as their future capital of Oromo Republic. Abyi is facilitating this project indirectly.
The Oromo Tribal Party is a danger for Ethiopia. Abyi is accountable  for these crimes by not mobilizing the Ethiopian army to protect citizens throughout Ethiopia.
OLF is now controlling Abyi and Lemma. The only big battle that will foil their attempt to Oromize Ethiopia is the strong people of Addis Ababa. Addis Ababa is Ethiopia and Ethiopians will win !!!!!
It is very sad to see a man whom we welcomed in the diaspora  in the summer of 2018 as future leader of Ethiopia ended as a spokesperson/enabler of OLF and a continuation of TPLF Tribal politics of the last 27 years.
Abyi has one last chance to be the Abyi the majority of Ethiopians saw nine month ago. A man who believes in one Ethiopia as a country of more than 80 languages and cultures.
There is no one tribe in Ethiopia that will win a majority to govern Ethiopia. Abyi has time to distance himself from Oromo extremists and get the majority vote and be the first elected prime minister of Ethiopia.
Tedla Asfaw
New York

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