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Abiy Ahmed showcase his plan in Addis Ababa


A documentary which showcase Abiy Ahmed’s urban development plan in the capital Addis Ababa is released on Thursday.

He acronymed his plan as CEO ( Culture and Community, Ecolocy and Economy, and Openness and Opportunity).

In the documentary, he audits what has been done so far and what is yet to be completed to change the look and, and apparently purpose, to the city.

While the projects are noteworthy and relevant both in the economic and cultural sense, they raise questions if they were priorities for Ethiopia given the multitudes of challenges that the country is facing. But even in the economic sense, rural development seems to have more potential to contribute to the national economy compared to the focus on Addis Addis Ababa.

Another criticism is that it is not divorced from gentrification. It brought about disaster to social in unintended ( perhaps intended too) way. Neighborhoods are stronger social bonds. Abiy Ahmed’s urban development plan did not figure out ways of keeping neighborhood cohesions intact.

Watch his documentary video below :

Video : embedded from Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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