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June 13, 2021
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Abiy Ahmed: Beating the TPLF Wounded Beast at His Own Game in Ethiopia (Part I)

By Alemayehu G. mariam

Memorandum to Ethiopia’s Cheetahs:

What is needed in Ethiopia today is regime change, not a game of regime musical chairs. What is needed is structural change, fundamental change from thugtatorship to democracy. What is needed is transformational change which ends the culture of corruption, nepotism and cronyism. What is needed is accountability to hold those responsible for crimes against humanity and corruption. Above all, what is needed is the intensification and escalation of the nonviolent struggle through mass civil disobedience and resistance.

Everything else is window dressing, grandstanding and showboating!

That is why Ethiopia’s Cheetahs MUST continue, intensify and magnify their nonviolent struggle. That is the ONLY insurance policy, the ONLY guarantee, Abiy Ahmed has to succeed.  That is the only way the T-TPLF Beast can be beat at his own game.

It must be remembered that the T-TPLF today stands in retreat, not in defeat                  

This is Part I of a series of “open memoranda” commentary I am writing on the occasion of the anticipated formal inauguration of Dr. Abiy Ahmed as prime minister.

I am very pleased that a member of Ethiopia’s Cheetah (youth) Generation now has an opportunity to articulate the aspirations and represent the voices of Ethiopia’s youth which represent over 70% of population.

I pride myself for, arguably, being the most vocal and implacable champion of Ethiopian Cheetahs. I defended and promoted Ethiopia’s young people long before it was fashionable to do so.

I became a human rights advocate only because Meles Zenawi massacred hundreds of young Ethiopians who opposed the daylight robbery of the 2005 election. I remember the young victims of the Meles Massacres, by name. I also know the killers, by name.

I have boldly declared on numerous occasions that Ethiopia’s Cheetahs UNITED can never be defeated by the T-TPLF! I believe recent history has vindicated my total faith in Ethiopia’s Cheetahs.

I have on numerous occasions professed my abiding faith in the power of Ethiopia’s youth to transform their country and take charge of their destiny.

I have sent Ethiopia’s Cheetahs a special “Message in a Bottle” from  thousands of miles across the oceans, “You are born free! You must live free! You are condemned to be free!”

I look at Abiy Ahmed’s selection to become prime minister from a somewhat unique perspective.

I look at it from the perspective of Ethiopia’s Cheetahs.

For me, the question is not what I think or what I would prefer. Indeed, it is not about me or my generation.

The only question for me is what Abiy Ahmed’s role represents symbolically and pragmatically to Ethiopia’s Cheetah Generation.

It is the inspiring symbolism of Abiy Ahmed’s prime ministership for Ethiopia’s Cheetah generation that I find exhilarating in energizing.

The genie is now out of the bottle.

The T-TPLF magic spell is broken. The T-TPLF mold is broken.

Abiy Ahmed represents to Oromo, Amhara, Gurage, Somali, Afari… children that the T-TPLF does not have the birthright to the throne. They also can be prime ministers, generals, millionaires or whatever they want to become. They have a birthright to be free, live free, freely elect their own government and live with dignity as first-class citizens.

Ethiopia’s Cheetahs have beaten the T-TPLF wounded beast at his own game.

Ethiopia’s Cheetahs can now see for themselves in broad daylight that the T-TPLF is a wounded beast with feet of clay.

Ethiopia’s Cheetahs have used mass civil disobedience and peaceful resistance to bring the T-TPLF wounded beast to his knees. Massive and relentless nonviolent resistance can defeat even the mightiest and most brutal oppressor. The T-TPLF faced its day of reckoning because Ethiopia’s Cheetahs were engaged in civil resistance every day.

Abiy Ahmed is named prime minister only because Ethiopia’s Cheetahs kept on the pressure on the T-TPLF day and night, week after week and year after year. Abiy Ahmed is because Ethiopia’s Cheetah’s are.

The T-TPLF bosses are crowing that they let him be prime minister. They are even openly and contemptuously belittling Abiy Ahmed.

They are pumping out disinformation that they all withdrew from competition for the primeministership because they did not want the job. He got the job because nobody wanted it.

They say they appointed Abiy Ahmed by default. He did not win the votes fair and square.

They brag that they can appoint and unappoint him at will.

One T-TPLF underboss basically said that the whole prime minister selection process was an elaborate game, political drama.

T-TPLF underboss and international whore chaser Debretsion Gebremichael blustered there’s only one game in town. It is the game of ethnic apartheid in which the T-TPLF sits at the throne.

The T-TPLF makes the rules of the ethnic apartheid game, designates the players, arbitrates the rules, calls the shots, calls the fouls and declares the winner.

Debretsion implied nothing is going to change with Abiy Ahmed’s primeministership because the T-TPLF owns the military, the security forces, the economy, the bureaucracy and civil service. It does not matter who is prime minister because nothing happens without the T-TPLF’s permission.

The little man seething with repressed anger over the selection of Abiy Ahmed said:

We handpicked three people. It was a process in which we struggled more than usual to make a selection. I was one of the candidates. But I opposed myself saying I should not be a candidate. I campaign against myself. I was just appointed to head Tigray kilil only two months ago. We must respect the people of the kilil.

[Regarding the prime minister to be Abiy Ahmed]… As you know, this is not a matter of a private individual. It is our organizational matter. We all make decisions together as a collective. It is not something that is thrown to one person. We will strengthen and continue our existing tradition of collective leadership.

To invoke Shakespeare, is all that just a “tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing”?

Or is it the empty banter of a sour grapes sore loser? Apparently, Debretsion only got 2 votes out of 180.

Is Debretsion speaking in code which needs decryption?

There is no mistaking what Debretsion is saying:

Make no mistake about it. The T-TPLF owns Abiy Ahmed. He will do as he is told. We will put him in the middle of our traditional collective decision-making process and crush him. We’ll tell him to jump, and his only answer will be how high. We will puppet master him just as we did Hailemariam Desalegn. Don’t get your hopes up. Nothing is going to change. We are still your ethnic apartheid masters!

Is Debretsion blowing smoke on his own or was he instructed to deliver a message by his T-TPLF uber bosses?

I don’t know, and I don’t give a damn!

I’m inclined to think Debretsion is whispering the same kind of sweet nothings he whispers in the ears of the hookers he hangs out with. Just sound and fury signifying nothing.

Regardless, what is of enormous symbolic importance to me is the fact that with Abiy Ahmed in the limelight, the tens of thousands of young Abiy Ahmeds, Lemma Megerssas, Eskinder Negas, Andualem Aragies, Emawayish Alemus, Reeyot Alemus and so many others all over Ethiopia can now feel confident and empowered that they could indeed win political office in their own right, without any appointment, in a free and fair election and take political leadership, including the primeministership.

To me, Abiy Ahmed’s role as prime minister is both about the last chapter of T-TPLF rule and the beginning of a new book of government of the people, by the people for the people soon to be written by Ethiopia’s Cheetahs.

When Ethiopian Cheetahs can elect their own leaders in a free and fair election, then Ethiopia will have been SAVED.

So, I am inspired by the symbolism of Ahmed rise to the office of prime minister even under the dark clouds of a T-TPLF regime because it gives concrete hope to Ethiopia’s Cheetah Generation that they can freely elect their own government and live free.

I shall state unequivocally that Abiy Ahmed has my full support as the leader of Ethiopia’s Cheetah Generation. As cliché as it may sound, Ethiopia’s Cheetahs are really the future of Ethiopia.

It must be remembered…

This memorandum is principally addressed to Ethiopia’s Cheetah Generation. I hope they will “get the memo” and review it carefully. Indeed, that is why I have chosen the “memorandum” form (instead of open letter) for this series of commentaries. In its original Latin semantic signification, “memorandum est” means “It must be remembered (that)…).

As I think of the future of Ethiopia’s Cheetah Generation, I must remember the T-TPLF games, misrule, mistake and misadventures of the past 27 years.

After 27 years nearly to the month, there is no doubt that T-TPLF wounded beast is in retreat but not in defeat.

Over the past couple of years, the T-TPLF has taken a heavy lickin’ from Ethiopia’s Cheetahs but it just keeps on tickin’.

For the past three years, Ethiopian Cheetahs have been the tip of the spear in fighting the T-TPLF cancer.

They have been winning because they found two powerful weapons: Ethiopiawinet and nonviolent civil resistance.

What is Ethiopiawinet?

Ask Lemma Megerssa who says, “EthiopiaWINet is an addiction [deep passion]. It is in the heart of each and every Ethiopian. If there is a way to open and look at what is in the hearts and minds of Ethiopians, what we see here today [EthiopiaWINet] is what we have seen here today [our unity in our Ethiopiawinet]… [EthiopiaWINet] is to be free.

Ask Teddy Afro who says Ethiopiawinet is like oxygen in the body. “Everybody who has Ethiopiawinet inside them, [will forever] have it in them. That can never be lost. It is as deep as religion. Ethiopiawinet has a delicate mystery to itself. It has a very deep foundation. When we can agree on so many good things, it is not useful to dwell on the deficient things we have done together.”

Ask me. “Like diamonds, EthiopiaWINet is forever. Just like love is forever.”

Remembering and learning from T-TPLF con games

It is said that “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat their mistakes.”

I say, “Those who do not learn from T-TPLF con games are doomed to be dupes!”

A few days ago, Herman Cohen, former US Assistant Secretary for African Affairs and the man singularly responsible for the T-TPLF’s rise to power in 1991 tweeted:

Message for new #Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed: Do not be reluctant to take bold steps toward democratic reform. TPLF politico-economic monopolists have been revealed as frauds, and will not be able to restrain you. International community is with you.

I wholeheartedly agree with Herman Cohen. But I am afraid Mr. Cohen underestimates the fiendish cunning of the T-TPLF frauds.

It must be remembered that for the past 27 years, the TPLF con artists and scammers have managed to stay in power not only by massacring, jailing and torturing innocent citizens, but also by running all types of con games on the Ethiopian people.

The best way to beat the T-TPLF wounded beast is to beat him at his own con games and scams.  That is why it is necessary to remember and critically understand the never-ending games the T-TPLF has played to cling to power in Ethiopia. Let me review some of those con games to systematically edify the Ethiopia’s Cheetah Generation.

It must be remembered that for the past 27 years, the TPLF con artists and scammers have been playing mind games on the Ethiopian people to cling to power. They have been trying to establish their ethnic supremacy by hectoring the people of Ethiopia that they are the smartest, the brightest, the bravest, the greatest, the worthiest and the only ones with the birthright to rule as they damn well please. The lesson to be learned is that the T-TPLF con artists and scammers are nothing more than a gang of ignorant bush thugs who seek intellectual respectability by purchasing academic credentials from online diploma mills.

It must be remembered that for the past 27 years, the T-TPLF con artists and scammers have played stealing election games to cling to power and reinforce its ethnic apartheid system. In 2008, in “elections for regional parliaments, the T-TPLF won 1,903 of 1,904 seats.” In 2010, the T-TPLF rigged the election and claimed to have won 99.6% of the seats in their rubberstamp parliament. In 2015, the T-TPLF had a repeat

performance when it rigged the election and brazenly declared they had won 100% of the seats in their rubberstamp parliament. The T-TPLF is the international poster child for election thieves. The lesson to be learned is that a government that comes to power by stealing elections is a kleptocracy, a government of thieves, for thieves, by thieves.

It must be remembered that for the past 27 years, the T-TPLF con artists and scammers have played zero sum games to cling to power and reinforce its ethnic apartheid system. That means the T-TPLF wins everything. In Ethiopia today the T-TPLF  controls 100 percent of the land. (As one T-TPLF party boss said, “We don’t give land to those who are not loyal to us.”) The T-TPLF owns 100 percent of the “parliament” which makes the “laws” on land. The T-TPLF owns 100 percent of the top military leadership positions, 100 percent of the security forces, 100 percent of the top businesses and 100 percent of the top civil service jobs and political appointments. The lesson to be learned is that “those who want everything every time will lose everything anytime.”

It must be remembered that for the past 27 years, the T-TPLF con artists and scammers have played divide and rule games to cling to power and reinforce its ethnic apartheid system. The T-TPLF invented a bogus ethnic federalism to create and maintain a minority ethnic apartheid system in Ethiopia. The T-TPLF’s ethnic federalism created apartheid style Bantustans called Kililistans. For 27 years, the T-TPLF managed to remain in power by throwing crumbs to its opposition and watching them fight like a bunch of hungry dogs. The lesson to be learned is that the hungry dogs are today howling angry wolves surrounding a wounded beast.

It must be remembered that for the past 27 years, the T-TPLF con artists and scammers have played cotton candy games to cling to power and reinforce its ethnic apartheid system. After the T-TPLF ripped off and sold at obscene prices the lands of struggling Oromos, they turned around and offered Oromos cotton candy: “land, free of lease payment” in the capital for construction of public, naming of charitable and cultural buildings and market places, “15% priority” to buy or rent condominium housing provided by the City Administration, “priority right to use public squares, centers, halls, stadiums, etc.” and the right to “establish schools that provide education in Oromo language for Oromo residents of the city.”  The lesson to be learned is that people who have no land have nothing to lose and they will fight back to get their land back or die trying.

It must be remembered that for the past 27 years, the T-TPLF con artists and scammers have played state of emergency games to cling to power and reinforce its ethnic apartheid system. The T-TPLF declared a state of emergency because it was terrified of the unity of Oromos and Amharas whose unity has always been like sergegna teff.  Lemma Megerssa had to teach the T-TPLF that “Ethiopians are like sergena teff [staple foodstuff in Ethiopia made whose tiny seeds resemble poppy seeds eaten as flatbread called injera]. [Grain] that is gathered together. Milled together. Eaten together.” The T-TPLF has issued three (including one renewal) declarations of “state of emergency” as a last desperate act of self-preservation and to stave off total collapse. The lesson to be learned is that the T-TPLF state of emergency decrees do not signify strength or power but the widespread and deep fear, panic, dread and trepidation among the bosses and the rank-and-file. The T-TPLF kills because it is scared to death.

It must be remembered that for the past 27 years, the T-TPLF con artists and scammers have played a genocide-is-coming game to cling to power and reinforce its ethnic apartheid system. The T-TPLF scammers have always dragged out the ethnic boogeyman to scare Ethiopians of a coming civil war. The late T-TPLF Beastmaster Meles Zenawi used to scaremonger that after his TPLF goes, there will be the equivalent of an “Interahamwe-type Hutu militia which massacred Tutsis in Rwanda”. Zenawi repeated his prediction of ethnic bloodbath time and again. Zenawi’s sidekick Bereket Simon predicted, “Strife between different nationalities of Ethiopia might have made the Rwandan genocide look like child’s play.” T-TPLF general Tsadkan Gebretensaye straight up predicted civil war when the T-TPLF is dumped in the trash bin of history. T-TPLF boss Abay Tsehai predicted Ethiopia will be Africa’s 21st century Rwanda. He said things in Ethiopia are getting out of control and Ethiopia and is careening into becoming the next Rwanda. T-TPLF boss Seyoum Mesfin also predicted civil war but believed his T-TPLF will crush all opposition and remain dominant. In a bizarre interview, Seyoum effectively equated Ethiopians to Nazis and Tigreans to Jews in the Third Reich. Only the T-TPLF godfather Sebhat Nega got it right. “When the people become very bitter, they explode.  This is a universal truth.  There are no people who will not rise up when they become bitter. Historically. Now. And in the future.”  The lesson to be learned is that so long as ETHIOPIAWINET flows in the veins of Ethiopians, there will be no genocide for ETHIOPIAWINET by another name is LOVE.

It must be remembered that for the past 27 years, the T-TPLF con artists and scammers have played disinformation, propaganda and mass distraction games to cling to power. To create enmity and strife, the T-TPLF has spread disinformation that Oromos and Amharas are natural and historical enemies and they cannot possibly create genuine attraction or unity. It has waged a disinformation campaign aimed at convincing Amharas and Oromos that they are like oil and water. The T-TPLF has spread propaganda that an Oromo-Amhara unity will result in a Rwanda-style Interahamwe against Tigreans. The lesson to be learned is that Oromos and Amharas have lived together peacefully for thousands of years. As Lemma Megerssa said all Ethiopians are like sergegna teff. They are united in their humanity and cannot be divided by their ethnicity.

It must be remembered that for the past 27 years, the T-TPLF con artists and scammers have played negotiation games to cling to power and reinforce its ethnic apartheid system. The T-TPLF has been handpicking its opposition and negotiating with them. The T-TPLF has done everything it can to permanently destroy any opposition in the country. The lesson to be learned is that Ethiopian opposition leaders negotiating with the T-TPLF is like antelope leaders negotiating with hyenas about what (who) to have for dinner.

It must be remembered that for the past 27 years, the T-TPLF con artists and scammers have played pardon games two cling to power and reinforce its ethnic apartheid system.  The T-TPLF has “pardoned” innocent citizens for terrorism crimes they never committed. By forcing innocent citizens to beg for pardon and admit crimes they never committed, the T-TPLF has tried to validate them as criminals and put them in a situation where they can be imprisoned for violating the terms of their pardon. The lesson to be learned is to do what Eskinder Nega, Andualem Aragie, Bekele Gerba and so many others did. The T-TPLF can take its pardon and shove it.

It must be remembered that for the past 27 years, the T-TPLF con artists and scammers have played resignation games two cling to power and reinforce its ethnic apartheid system.  The T-TPLF shape shifters are experts at resigning and un-resigning at the same time. They are the political equivalent of Schrödinger’s cat. They play resignation musical chairs games to convince the public that they are making real changes. The lesson to be learned is that no one is fooled by T-TPLF Tweedledee resigning only to be replaced by T-TPLF Tweedledum.

It must be remembered that for the past two years, the T-TPLF con artists and scammers have played mercenary military command post games to cling to power and reinforce its ethnic apartheid system. According to Global Security, the T-TPLF as set up its own private mercenary Agazi paramilitary group (death squads) accountable only to a select few senior echelon members of  the TPLF. Its main purpose of existence is to ensure the regimes hold on power remains unchallenged. The lesson to be learned is that neither an Agazi death squad nor all the military and security forces of the T-TPLF can defeat the nonviolent resistance movement of Ethiopia’s Cheetahs.

Special T-TPLF game

It must be remembered that in the past few weeks, the T-TPLF con artists and scammers have played release and catch political prisoners games to cling to power and reinforce its ethnic apartheid system.

Why did the T-TPLF jail Eskinder Nega, Andualem Aragie, Temesgen Desalegn and many others? The answer is simple: It is retaliation for the U.S. Congress scheduling a vote on H.R. 128.

On March 21, 2018, U.S. Representative Mike Coffman (R-CO) released the following statement after receiving notification that the House of Representatives will hold a vote this April on House Resolution 128. On March 26, the T-TPLF re-arrested a number of the recently released high profile political prisoners. By re-arresting the former political prisoners, the T-TPLF wanted to send a ringing message to the U.S. Congress: “We don’t care what you do. We are still the masters of ethnic apartheid in Ethiopia. We dare you to do something. Double-dog dare you.” The lesson to be learned is that a dog should never bite the hand that feeds it.

As I write this commentary, the T-TPLF is playing a new national peace festival game at the Addis Sheraton. But they are getting an earful. Participants are demanding that the T-TPLF embrace Ethiopiawinet and stop the politics of hate and division. The T-TPLF thought they could pull one more game, but it is game over.

It must be remembered that for the past 27 years, the T-TPLF has played cling to power at all costs games. The T-TPLF has one and only one mission: Remain in power in much the same way as they are now. For one more day. One more week. One more month. One more year. One more decade… The lesson to be learned is that it’s GAME OVER for the T-TPLF!

T-TPLF reboot 2018: New game or same old game in overtime

The T-TPLF knows it is game over. But is it?

I have long learned that the T-TPLF scammers are the kind of ball players who will fall flat on the dirt, lick it and keep on playing.

Is the T-TPLF playing overtime on a game that has long been over by grudgingly going along with Abiy Ahmed’s appointment as prime minister.

Is the T-TPLF getting ready to play political soccer in overtime by grudgingly accepting Abiy Ahmed as prime minister?

For three years, the T-TPLF scammers did their best to defeat Ethiopian Cheetah Youth League. They tried everything including massacres, arrests and torture. The Cheetahs kept on coming. They kept up the pressure in every village, hamlet town and city. That T-TPLF could not win.

The T-TPLF has used up its 90 minutes on the soccer field and its back is against the goalpost. Now it wants to play 30 minutes in overtime hoping for a decisive win. Failing to do that, it hopes to win by shoot-out. The penalty kick type of shootout. I mean shootout actually by AK-47s and machine guns.

I wish to conclude Part I of my open memorandum to Ethiopia’s Cheetah Generation by  remembering and recalling a few observations I made in Part VI of my serialized 2016 commentary, “What Do “WE” Want and Do Now (that “WE” Have the Opportunity to Do it)?”:

Today, we have extraordinary opportunities to work together to bring down the Thugtatorship of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (T-TPLF) from power and lay the groundwork for the construction of the New Ethiopia. The gnawing question in my mind is, “Will WE seize the day?” Will WE strike while the iron is hot or fall back into that old habit of never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity?

What saddens and aggravates me the most is that WE never miss an opportunity to miss an OPPORT-UNITY!

What I have personally observed over the past decade among the “opposition” (and even the T-TPLF) is the fact that WE never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. There have been many opportunities to get things right and do right by the people of Ethiopia. But every time, “WE” have let the opportunity go to waste.

Let me illustrate. Over the past decade, various political parties have formed coalitions and mobilized Ethiopian society for electoral participation and other opposition activities. Their unity to speak in one voice was inspirational. That singular voice raised the hopes and aspirations of the Ethiopian people and struck terror in the hearts of the T-TPLF. For the first time in 2005, that coalition brought a glimmer of hope for democracy and freedom for Ethiopians. But all that was short-lived. Just as those parties came together swiftly, they also broke up just as quickly and went their separate ways. If that coalition had remained strong and united, the T-TPLF today would be in the dustbin of history where it properly belongs. But the personal ambition of those craving power overpowered the needs of those disempowered by the T-TPLF for so long. Those jockeying for power let down the Ethiopian people hard. Will history judge them among the unforgiven? But that was a generational opportunity that was missed.

Today, we have an opportunity to build a mass-based inter-ethnic and inter-religious coalition to take on a bewildered, alarmed and frightened T-TPLF hiding behind the skirt of its “state of emergency” declaration. The spirit of defiance, audacity and rebellion is visible in the faces of the people of Ethiopia who are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the T-TPLF. The spirit of cooperation and collaboration to rid Ethiopia of the T-TPLF manifests itself more conspicuously every day in the T-TPLF police state. The time is right, and the stars are aligned just right to fight the T-TPLF as a unified force.

But it seems WE are poised once again to miss another  opportunity of a lifetime. WE, particularly in the Diaspora, are bogged down talking about the singular importance of ethnicity and how power should be configured along ethnic lines. The self-appointed ethnic chiefs and champions of “ethnification” of politics are babbling the venomous rhetoric of hate and resentment. Ironically, these self-appointed chieftains are so blinded by ambition and starved for power, they have become political caricatures. They are indeed political jokes, but as we have seen in the recent U.S. presidential elections jokes have a way of becoming cruel ironies.

WE must use every opportunity to oppose those preaching ethnic division and sectarianism with as much vigor as we oppose the T-TPLF. The difference between the T-TPLF and those who mindlessly advance the T-TPLF cause of ethnic division is the difference between two sides of a coin. It is the difference between Tweedledee and Tweedledum. They are one and the same. They want to displace the T-TPLF so that they can take over and become the new and improved T-TPLF by another ethnic label. The right opportunity exists right now to sideline the prophets of ethnic division and hatred and build a genuine inter-ethnic and inter-faith alliances to ensure that the hate-mongers and those who sow the seeds of discord, strife and factionalism are exposed for what they truly are.

WE now have the opportunity to get real leadership to guide the opposition movement in standing up to the T-TPLF and those who advance the T-TPLF cause by a different ethnic label. Here, I am not particularly referring to “political leaders”. I am broadly addressing civic society leaders – faith and community leaders, academics and activists, youth and women’s groups leaders, leaders of professional and trade organizations, etc.–  who have missed, time and again, the opportunity to provide leadership…

… Carpe diem! Seize the day!

The T-TPLF are convinced that they have set up Abiy Ahmed to fail

The noise coming from the T-TPLF headquarters is that they have set Abiy Ahmed to fail.

They have also said exactly how they will ensure he will fail. They will put him in the middle of their collective decision-making process and crush him. They will demoralize, frustrate and bully him into submission.

But the T-TPLF will not be able to crush Abiy Ahmed if Ethiopia’s Cheetahs do what they do best: Continue, intensify and magnify their nonviolent struggle. That is the only insurance policy Abiy Ahmed has to succeed.  That is the only way the T-TPLF Beast can be beat at his own game.

I’ve got news for the T-TPLF: FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. We are ONE in Ethiopiawinet. We will WIN because you can NEVER defeat Ethiopians UNITED!

The foundation of victory is UNITY. Let us not repeat the mistakes of history. It is a sad realization for me to say we never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Let us not miss this historic opportunity.

History is made by those who seize the day.

Let us seize the day today, beat the T-TPLF Beast at his own game by playing for “TEAM ETHIOPIAWINET” and make history.

The struggle today is for the future of Ethiopia’s Cheetah Generation. For they are truly the future of Ethiopia.

On a personal point…

My personal message for Abiy Ahmed. “Stand tall. I’ve got your back, my brother!”


Power to Ethiopia’s Cheetahs. Long live Ethiopia’s Cheetahs.




(To be continued…)


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