A True Account of a Gruesome rape survivor

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 December 20/2021/ENA/ The residents of Woldiya town have now started to tell the unbelievable atrocities that they have been witnessing during the TPLF takeover of the town.

Almintu (her name changed),  is a widowed living with her three- year- old son. The terrorist militants appeared to her house to vandalize her possessions and rape her. Just like many women in the Amhara state, who were raped to degrade dehumanize them by the terrorist militants,   Alemitu revealed her stories  to the Ethiopian News Agency.

It was a dark rainy night on August 13, 2021 she said the two TPLF soldiers arrived to her house.

When they heavily knocked on her gate at 12:00 PM,  she refused to let them in, saying that  she couldn’t open the door in those late hours as she was alone,  with a three- year- old child. Then the militants raised another request–they asked for a match. Fearing for her life, She pleaded them to leave her and passed the match stick under the door’s hole.

However, the TPLF soldiers insisted again that if she is not willing to open the door , they implicated her that  she is hiding government soldiers inside her house.

She told them that she had lost her husband a year ago and that she was living with her three years old kid. But they did not listen to her.

According to her, scaring for her life she opened the door.

Immediately after they entered her home,  they raped her in front her three-year old son, ordering him to keep quiet.  

“TPLF’s militants raped me while,   pointing a gun at my three years old child,” said.

When the militants left the house for the turn of their friends waiting outside, quickly carrying her child, she jumped out of the house  and ran to the forest, despite it was raining and dark as it was midnight.

Besides, Alemitu  added that a 14 -year- old neighbor of her who was staying with her was also taken by the TPLF militants and was gang raped.

Her kid is now enduring a deep psychological trauma due to the memory of the attack.

According to her, he does not sleep well at night.

“Whenever he saw someone with a gun, my son becomes frightened and suddenly finds himself under psychological pressure,” the young lady told ENA.

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