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June 21, 2021
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A seven points solution to the current crisis – Girma Kassa

Things are getting out of control in Ethiopia. Many major roads are closed. In many towns in Oromia, EPRDF offcials have been dethroned. When local police couldn’t handle, the federal police stepped in. When the federal police couldn’t handle it , the regular army (special forces) stepped in.

However with all its security forces the regime couldn’t control the situation. “Quoting Daniel Berhane, a regime supporter, “When a protest continues this long, it’s not uncommon for it to degenerate into anarchy-at least partially.”.

I think the only way out of this mess is a political solution. Resorting to violence and trying to crush dissents by force will only accelerate the crisis and ultimately bring the protests at their backyards, in Arat Kilo and Bole.Do they want that ?

I think the ball is in their court. Below are some steps I believe they need to take, as a way of out, of this huge and unprecedented crisis.

1. Declare a ceasefire and withdraw troops from towns where there has been protest. We do not need further bloodshed and confrontation.

2. Declare that there will be a transitional government consisting 50% from EPRDF and 50% from real oppositions (Mostly Medrek, the former UDJ , Semayawi, AEUP and EDP)

3. . Suspend the Addis Ababa Master Plan and the planned border demarcation with the Sudan.

4. Release all prisoners of conscience. All of them. If they don’t, the people will free them ultimately.

5. Form an independent commission that work to reform all democratic institutions( The media, the election board, the army, the police ….)

6. Form an independent commission that looks at the current constitution and the current federal structure, and present proposals for public discussion.

7. Removal/Resignation of keys figures, like Getachew Assefa the security chief, Somora Yenus the army chief of staff , believed to be trouble makers behind the scene (with these people in charge one cannot trust the regime)

I am afraid the geni is out of the battle. There are reports that unrests may follow in Addis Ababa itself. Let us not allow our country to be heading to an Anarchy.

(the following is a member of security forces of the regime, captured by the people. So far the protests have been very peaceful, as time goes on it will change to violence)

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