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A chilling TPLF secret that was leaked to the public translated from Amharic language

By Bezane  Boru

Translator’s note: This is a chilling TPLF secret that was leaked to the public. The information was originally posted in Amharic language in one of the Ethiopian opposition websites in Diaspora. I decided to translate for any interested no-Amharic speakers to get to know what goes on in TPLF lead Ethiopia.

This information was leaked a day or two before the deadly attack on the Ethiopians Nuer Community in the western Ethiopia on 15/04/2016 that left nearly 300 people dead and over 150 children abducted and taken to South Sudan.  This leaked information gives a strong hint to the possible presence of the TPLF hidden hands in the attack as it draws a parallel by revealing a similar plan as it was discussed in the secret meeting the possibility of organising a Muslim extremist group from North Sudan to cross the border into Ethiopia and stage an attack on the Welkait communities in Gonder under the cover of a border conflict.

 After reading this highly revealing information any one will come out struggling with him/her self whether to believe it or not. Translation from Amharic into English;  here it goes below:

Exposing the secretly held meeting by the TPLF in Mekele city with the aim of creating clashes between Ethiopian communities on racial and religious divides.

April 17, 2016

The meeting in Mekele had made the evaluation of the shocking and secret campaign conducted so far to ensure clashes between communities on racial and religious divides. The meeting attended by the high ranking TPLF officials Mr Tekleweyny and Mr Abay Woldu as well as the Tigray bureau security head Mr Zeneb Hadush as leaders in attendance with few other very loyal cadres was conducted before yesterday (13/2008 EC)[12/04/2016] in Mekele city. What was discussed in the meeting was leaked by an Adigrat born Mekele resident in order for the information to reach the Ethiopian people and the wider world urgently. I have produced the information the guy has shared with me as it appears below as it is without any amendment what so ever.

The informer is a TPLF member who got the information directly from a close friend who was one of the participants in the secret meeting. The information my dear friend provided me this evening indicates the demise of TPLF which is manifest in the fact that the secret of their meeting reaches the public before they step out of the meeting room. He said nothing is more of an indicator of a rotten and disintegrating government than this. As my gratitude goes to my dear fellow Ethiopian for he said his love for his country comes ahead of anything else and said his wish for all Ethiopians to be aware of  TPLF’s sinister plan before hand in order for us to get rid of TPLF sooner than later.

The TPLF secret meeting held on (April 13,2008 EC) [12/04/2016] has amazingly deliberated on an elaborate plan of bringing the survival of our country to an end thru a racial and religious based conflict and clash on a wider scale. The main goal of the meeting was to evaluate the achievement of the previous operation and to figure out the best way forward for the next round operation with improvements based on the previous experience.  The directive for the meeting came from Addis Ababa directly from Abboy Sibahat Nega and Abay Tsehaye. Towards the end of the meeting Abay Tsehaye had called from Addis to give a strict instruction that was announced to all attendees loudly on a purpose set high volume. I will come to the message in the instruction at the end of this letter.

As the meeting evaluated the last 7 months organized conflict very many points were raised as short comes and failures. Lack of strict loyalty from some of our cadres and the suspicious nature of the public to some degree towards our operation were cited as main shortcomings.

The operation has been more or less successful but the fact that the members of the public has pointed fingers at us after every operation has been its measure failures. For example the attack on the Anwar Mosque was done in such a way that the Muslim community were suspicious of us and for that reason it was not successful in achieving the intended target. In relation to the Oromo protest the burning of churches achieved success in one church which was burned down by the local extremists but all the rest burned by our cadres were subjected to suspicion by the public. On the other front regarding the racial clashes between the Kimant and the Amaharas, our reliable cadres have revealed that the Ethiopian people have widely believed the presence of government hand in it. This fact shows how our non-Tigrian cadres are involved in the action not out of loyalty but for material self-interest. Apart from the Amhara and Kimant conflict in Gonder, in certain parts of Oromia except partial attacks against the Amaharas, rather in a way we never expected, the Amaharas were seen getting protection from Oromo elders and for that reason we dare not say it was a success.

In spite of all that the operation has caused fear, stress and tension to prevail thereby ensuring mistrust and non-cooperation and in that regard it was extremely successful in achieving the indented result. For this reason apart from causing economic deficit and daring confrontation against the government the protest in the wider parts of the country has been effectively rendered fragmented and impact-less in effecting revolutionary change.

In addition to this particularly bomb and arson attacks on university campuses the government has been highly suspected in nearly all of it to the extent that members of the public has been openly discussing it in tea-rooms and pubs fearlessly in the presence of our cadres. And this besides being a big shame to us it also poses a direct threat to our very existence. Furthermore, this daring stance from the public will make our cadres fearful and subject our future mission to more suspicion making it mandatory the need for involving loyal and determined cadres in our future missions. Alternatively the cadres who conduct such unqualified action crippled by fear should be rooted out urgently. However since the protest remains a measure threat to the government the operation must continue by closing the loopholes and reorganising the approach to the highest standard possible.  Since it is our key principle we have to achieve it with determination and loyalty.

For example the issue of Welkait stands for us at its outmost serious point; since their grievance has a constitutional backing it has attracted different media coverage making it difficult for us to attack but we are trying what we could by blocking telephone contacts and other communication networks. Since the local people are very bold and determined, they could easily lead us into a big crisis thru war had they not been waiting to hear the decision of the federal council. Because of this we have no option apart from delaying the decision as we carry out a mature work [secret plot]. But as we conduct this operation in Welkait, since the Christian and Muslim communities live in absolute harmony trying to create a conflict between them could result in total crisis. But by taking the local situation into account, this operation should be conducted urgently.

Since the people are behaviourally highly suspicious, to avoid suspicion, given the Christian majority among the locals, it is possible to infiltrate armed extremists from North Sudan as if they have border issues besides involving the locally available Tigreans coupled with the participation of the armed forces by taking minimal strategic risk aided by the media coverage it is possible to control the situation until a lasting solution will be found. As the grave of TPLF will be dug in Welkait not in Mekele urgency and sensitivity of the situation requires the operation to be conducted without delay in a way that has taken all the factors into consideration and beyond any suspicion.

Even now the conflict and clash must be urgently made a reality between Muslims and Christians, different Christians and Protestants, between Muslims and Protestants as well as different tribes. With regards to tribes, the clash has to be between the Amharas and Oromos, between Oromos and Somalis, Somalis and Affars, between the Affars and Djibouti Affars along the border, between the Gambellas and the South Sudan communities along the border, between the Oromos and Southern communities. It should be staged between the said communities by looking for different issues which can trigger clashes widely in order to stop them from pointing fingers at the government and rather beg the government for mediation.

As the meeting drew to an end with about 40 minutes left Mr Abay Tsehayes call came in and had to be released loudly for all attendees to hear it clearly. On the phone his strict instruction went, “I was listening on internal line to the national agenda you were discussing” then he went on, “even in some Tigrean regions where there are some resistance grumbles the operation will be conducted; here after there will be no flinching back; this was followed by a clap from two very loyal cadres before all the rest joined in by clapping out of fear.” This was all that was said in the meeting.

At this point anyone who chooses to focus on tribal differences should be TPLF or one unwitting accomplice in their actions. I urge all Ethiopians to take the outmost care and plan to give them an Ethiopian centred response. We should defeat TPLF with a united force without any delay. This does not mean we should stop talking about our tribe or being organized along that line.  Our tribal identity should be a security to our Ethiopian nationality as long as being Ethiopian in turn remains a security to our tribal identity. Apart from this any fabricated history and conflict that focuses on our tribal and religious difference will be our peril. Peace and God may be with all of you.

Failure and death to TPLF and victory to our country that has to live in disgrace. God may watch on Ethiopia!!!

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