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58 Somali nationals were Detained before Obama’s trip to Ethiopia

BY · AUGUST 15, 2015

The Ethiopian security agency arrested 58 Somali nationals a day before the arrival of President Obama in Addis Ababa.

These Somalis were detained in Addis Ababa central jail for a month before they were eventually deported to Hargeisa Somaliland.

“I have valid documents which will allow me to stay in Addis Ababa, and I was illegally kept under detention for a month” says Ali Ahmed one of the deportees speaking to the English department of Radio Dalsan over the phone in Hargiesa.

The head of the migration department of Somaliland Mr.

Mohamed Ali Yusuf says that they will soon return each and every one of the deported Somalis to their respective locations in the country. Mohamed Omar Hussein shiinetown@hotmail.com

Source– http://www.mareeg.com

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