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40 Ambassadors visited Mekelle, Tigray region of Ethiopia

Head of Tigray Provisional Regional State, Dr. Mulu Nega, greeted the ambassadors upon arrival at Alula Aba Nega airport in Mekelle

Ambassadors arriving at Alula Aba Nega airport in Mekelle (Photo credit : MFAE)


The Ethiopian government has been trying to respond, albeit lately, to allegations of humanitarian disaster and rights violations  in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

One of the actions that the government took , locally, in that regard was to engage Ambassadors based in the capital Addis Ababa about the state of response to the humanitarian crisis in the ensuing months after the battle against TPLF, government calls it law enforcement operation, was completed.  

On Wednesday, the government took additional measures to ensure that diplomats based in Addis Ababa have first-hand information about the situation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that  Ambassador Redwan Hussien, state minister within the Ministry, and 40 resident Ambassadors in the capital visited Mekelle City, capital of Tigray regional state and one of the key commercial cities in the region.  Based on pictures released by the Ministry, Geeta Pasi, US Ambassador to Ethiopia, whose government changed position after Joe Biden took office , was among the ambassadors who visited the region.  

Dr. Mulu Nega, head of the provisional administration who greeted the ambassadors upon arrival at the airport, briefed them about the situation in the region. 

Core to his briefing was the state of rehabilitation and rebuilding effort, which is claimed to be the top priority for prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration which aims to restore normalcy across the region, in the post conflict situation. 

“Challenges and results achieved in rebuilding damaged infrastructures, reopening public service institutions, rehabilitating IDPs, and delivering humanitarian supports were discussed in detail,” said the update from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia. 

Ethiopian government claims that so far more than 4.1 million people have received emergency humanitarian assistance, of which 70 percent of it was provided by the government itself. 

In a related development, Dr. Mulu Nega remarked about media campaigns against Ethiopia – a  relentless campaign from groups that are believed to be remnants of TPLF who exploited major media outlets in the west through, as some say, extravagant spending in foreign currency. 

State media, Ethiopian News Agency,  cited Dr. Mulu Nega was saying that some coverage by international media regarding the situation in Tigray does not capture the reality. 

“It is wrong that some international media are using groups organized by TPLF junta to publish an inaccurate report about Tigray,” he said. 

And the reports seem to be informing policy makers including in major multilateral institutions. Last week, the government of Ireland, non-permanent member of the UN security council, initiated a discussion about the “Humanitarian” condition in the Tigray region, but there was no agreement to include statement about it in the council’s statement owing to opposition from two permanent members and one non-permanent member of the council. 

On Wednesday, Ethiopians and Eritreans in the United States staged protest rally in Washington against disinformation campaign on Ethiopia.


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